Mammograms Not Improved By Pausing Hormone Therapy

Post-menopausal women on hormone replacement are usually advised to stop taking their hormone therapy for 1-2 months before they have a mammogram to screen for breast cancer based on research that suggested that this would improve the quality of the mammogram. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) makes the breast tissue appear …


Red Raspberry Supplements for Women’s Health Issues

Red raspberry and red raspberry leaf herbal supplements have been shown to help some women treat heavy menstrual bleeding as well as painful cramping associated with menstrual cycles. Not only can this herb help relieve these symptoms, but it has also been shown to help women avoid miscarriage, alleviate the …


Are there estrogen alternatives for bladder irritation?

overactive bladder, incontinence

Bladder irritation is one of the common symptoms associated with menopause. However, you may find it hard to complain about urinary (and vaginal) symptoms out of embarrassment. Unfortunately, many doctors will not ask you about them. Bladder Overview The urinary bladder is an elastic, muscular sac which holds the urine …


Top 4 Things You Should Avoid if You Have Sensitive Skin

Caring for sensitive skin

There are basically four things you should avoid if you have sensitive skin. The types of detergents and house cleansers you use, the types of soap and body cleansers you use, cosmetics and environmental factors can all lead to irritation of your sensitive skin. Once you learn what types of …


Causes of breast pain – non-cyclic sore breasts

woman with covered breast

Non-cyclic breast pain Non-cyclic breast pain is pain in the breast and/or nipple that is not related to your period and that doesn’t have any particular pattern. About a third of women who have breast pain have the non-cyclic kind. How will you feel if you have non-cyclic sore breasts? …


Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Review

fitbit ultra

Perhaps The Best Fitness Gadget of the 21st Century I’m thirty two years old and this is basically, other than desktop and laptop computers, the first piece of techno-gadgetry I’ve ever owned. For whatever reason I have never gone gaga over cell phones, smart phones, Ipods etc. In my mind, …