Sexuality after 40 – Use it or Lose it!

Sexuality in women over 40? Does it exist? For most people its really not an issue because if you’re over 40:

  1. you’re probably not having any more kids so why should you be thinking of having sex?
  2. you should have grown out of it and should be interested in more “down-to-earth” things.

Do younger women have sex just to have kids? Can anyone outgrow the need for closeness and companionship?

1127864_do_not_disturbSexuality is a gift, something to celebrate, no matter what age you are! At the most, at this stage of life it may evolve and take on a slightly different form.
Encouraging sexuality in elderly women can result in a happier and more fulfilled life. However, several factors may affect women over 40 sex drive.

Factors that influence sexuality at this time may be positive or negative.

Positive factors include:

  1. good physical and mental health
  2. an ongoing satisfactory sexual relationship
  3. regular intercourse.

Negative factors include:

  1. physical ill health
  2. negative mental attitude especially about your body
  3. an unsatisfying sexual relationship
  4. vaginal soreness or dryness
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