Can progesterone cream cause hair loss?

hairHair loss is a common symptom associated with the post-menopausal years. It comes in various forms:

  1. hair becomes thinner and lighter coupled with difficulty in styling,
  2. alopecia where the hair actually comes out from the roots leaving bald patches and
  3. male pattern baldness where hair is lost at the temples and the crown of the head.

The low estrogen levels associated with menopause cause weakening of the connective tissues from breakdown of the collagen, protein and elastic fibers in it. These are what gives your skin, hair and nails their strength and suppleness.

Can progesterone cause hair loss if used to treat menopause symptoms? On the contrary, progesterone helps to your body’s normal hair pattern. It helps to normalize zinc and copper levels which are essential for healthy hair.

hair loss in womenThe average woman loses 50 to 100 strands of hair per day naturally. On days that you wash your hair, you lose on average 250 hairs per day. These hairs are replaced and you never notice a change in your hair. However, if you have abnormal hair loss, you are losing way more strands of hair per day and this is evident by the stray hairs you find on your pillow when you wake up, hair left in your comb, and what you see going down the drain in your bathtub. Not only that, but you can see the hair loss on your scalp when you look in the mirror. There is a variety of reasons for hair loss in women. These reasons vary from hereditary causes, medical and emotional problems, and self-inflicted damage to your hair.


  1. Women, don’t believe anyone who tells you that taking progesterone will help remedy hair loss. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!! I have been on bio identical Hormones for several years. I have to take progesterone for 11 days to cause a period. For that whole 11 days my hairs falls out in much greater amounts that at any time of the month. My doctor has tried more estrogen, but that has not helped. I have tried taking less. It helps but not enough.

  2. Progesterone identical to your own ? I’m not buying this theory anymore! I’ve read several entry’s from dr that use it in their practice stating you don’t need it more that 3-4 because it builds up in your system & becomes toxic . One dr. Stated only vaginaly due to this problem ! He also studied w Dr Lee & said this fat loving hormone if applied topically can stay in your system for 2 years . If that’s the case then estrogen alone would correct the problem ! Remember this was formulated in a lab … Our body’s are a miraculous being you can’t recreate Mother Nature .Our own progesterone doesn’t build up in our fat cells & wreck havoc on our body’s ! We’re tapering with a very delicate system . Why is it that you can get estrogen from foods but not progesterone ? Maybe as I stated before because our body’s were designed to need more estrogen later in life not progesterone ? Just a thought ? Estrogen dominence can be solved with eating the proper foods & excersize ! I want my hair back as much as the rest of you. I’ve completely obsessed over it & stressed out for over a year ! Which I’m sure caused adrenal fatigue high cortisol low testosterone etc. ( which ALL cause hair loss ) if I loose all my hair , I guess I’ll buy a cute fashionable wig & some hats ! Lets thank god were not loosing our hair to chemo treatments ! DR. don’t have all the answers . I’m trying acupressure forget western medicine !

  3. After reading these entries I’m convinced that progesterone cream is the cause of all our hair loss ! Don’t mess with Mother Nature ! Our body’s aren’t supposed to make progesterone until we’re 80 !! Estrogen is the hormone that sustains us into old age ! I became toxic from progesterone pill/ cream it only made more hair fall out ! BTW has any of these HORMONE SPECIALIST told you your body will become dependent on bhrt & cause your own hormones production to slow down & stop producing ! I’ve decided to rely on Mother Nature & supplement w/ maca & evening primrose & seaweed ( for iodine) . I’ve already list 1/2 my hair on progesterone so it clearly doesn’t work ! Good luck !

  4. I’ve read all the entries & if you think about this logically none of this makes sense . There are menopausal women out there with low estrogen & barely producing progesterone & they have hair ! And lets go a step further & say they have normal testosterone … Based on this “progesterone helps hair loss theory ” it does hold true to the majority of women w low progesterone & no hair loss ! I suffer from the same hair loss issue & am so depressed & frustrated with finding a treatment that works ! Dermo says its genetics ! Some days I feel so helpless to all this !

  5. I started taking C-Triest/progesterone 2mg/200mg last April. Lately I have noticed a lot of hair loss. Has anyone taken this hrt and noticed hair loss?

  6. I had no preconceived notions of any Volume Shampoo product working, but Shielo's definitely does! After experiencing hair loss through menopause, stress, and surgery, I decided to give the Shielo Volume Shampoo a try. It's been four months since surgery, and although the stressors in my life are still here, my hairloss is no longer a problem. Within a couple of weeks of using this product, my hair quit falling out and is now healthier than ever! I only hope it doesn't resume if I quit using this product!

  7. Hi jill and others, i just wanted to say thanks for your feedback.. i wander do you think in that case it would be easier to use a simple over the counter progesterone cream with phytoestrogens or a progesterone cream if i use Estriol cream too.. just to keep a balance of both?

    i have chronic illness so the progesterone creams really help me function that is why i would prefer to use it and figure out how to grow my hair back.. i can see using bioidenticals is not so easy when it comes to hair..

    i also read that progesterone can create hyperthyroidism in some cases..

    Also do you think taking some soy lecithin non-gmo each day could be a good way to raise my estrogen levels too? i was told soy is bad and to avoid it.. but wandered if the non-gmo soy lecithin could mess with my thyroid..

  8. Thaddeus Yoquelet

    Great information ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’ve been on bioidentical hormone replacement –vivelle dot patch and progesterone cream –for over 4 years with no meno symptoms and feeling great. Then my doc decided he wanted my progesterone to be higher so he put me on Prometrium–the bioidentical progesterone pill. After a couple of months I started seeing hair loss but I thought I was imagining things. Now, 6 months after starting the oral progesterone I am seeing a lot of scalp and having hot flashes again even though I’m on estrogen! A recent blood test showed I have NO estrogen, no testosterone, very high–off the top–sex hormone binding protein (SHBG) but normal progesterone. My doctor is stumped (again) so I’ve researched this myself. From what I’ve read, taking hormones orally causes the liver to produce a lot of SHBG which binds estrogen and testosterone but not progesterone. This makes the estrogen and testosterone unavailable to the tissues so taking replacement estrogen and testosterone is futile and a waste of money. All the meno symptoms return with a vengence and the unbalanced progesterone makes your hair fall out. Bottom line: don’t take hormone replacement orally! I have stopped the progesterone pill and am really hoping my SHBG will normalize and my hair will grow back. Oral hormones are evil.

    • Jill, pls i would love to chat with you b/c i have just lost alot of hair in the past 7 months. i have tried progesterone creams etc.. just don’t know what to do.. Anyone else who wants to chat i just don’t know what to take regarding my hiar loss..


    • Hi Holly,
      I’m so sorry about your hair–it’s such a horrible side effect and no one seems to have answers! Do you know your estrogen/progesterone levels? If not, ask your doc’s office for a copy of your last labs. If your progesterone is “normal” due to the creams but your estrogen is low that could be why your hair is falling out.

    • Hi Jill, Thanks so much for replying to me.. i am 42 so maybe my estrogen is low.. my doctor told me i was fine but i have been treating my hormones myself so not sure if that affected the test.. i take hair essential vitamins and evening primrose oil.. i feel my symptoms are or both estrogen dominance and low estrogen.. i do have a blood test i could let you know the results.. Do you know how to read lab work by chance? i am also treating an illness with alternative protocols.. but feel this is a hormonal thing b/c i have been treating the illness for 4 yrs and my hair never fell out before..
      It started at the time of a dye job but then got worse when i was on iodoral, plus i took Dhea at low dose and royal maca.. anyway i ended up with what i belive is too many male hormones or DHT.. extreme mood swings, low iron, i do think i have low thyroid too, currently on 15mg of armour thyroid.. i appreciate any feedback.. i am happy to consol you too it is pretty extreme hair loss.. i wander if a colonic would help!



    • Hi Holly,
      “I wonder if a colonic would help” HAHAHAHA! Very funny. Wow–I wish it were that easy! Low thyroid, high thyroid, low estrogen all can cause hair loss. I’ve also heard that taking iodoral can cause the thyroid to pump out too much hormone but I’m skeptical–this could be MDs saying “don’t take any supplements that I haven’t heard about”.
      I can read labs as long as you have the ranges as well as the numbers. If you want to post them I’d be happy to give you an opinion–just remember that although I have a biochem degree I’m not a doctor.

    • Hi Jill
      Very interesting that your hair loss started after using oral progesterone. Since you had no problems using progesterone cream, may I ask which cream you were using and at what dosage?

    • Hi Linda,
      I was using a bioidentical compounded progesterone cream at 100mg. But I think the reason the oral progesterone caused my hair to fall out was because it was too much compared to the amount of estrogen in my body. I quit absorbing the estrogen patch thus had high progesterone and low estrogen = hair loss.

  10. For 15 years I have been having heavy bleeding with my periods. So bad in fact that at times I can not leave my house. 3 years ago my doctor gave me a couple rounds of progestin and then a D&C, to tell you the truth nothing worked to stop the monthly floods, but the progestin made my hair start falling out. I brought this up to the doctor attention and he told me that was not possible, and just brushed me off. But I know my body and it is the only thing that changed in that time period, and I don’t take any other medications of any type. My hair continued to fall out for months afterwards to a point that I was becoming very worried. It did eventually stop falling out but it seems that I lost the hair follicles because although I stopped losing it, it hasn’t grown back. So at 54, I still get a flooding period every month (haven’t missed one yet) and now have thin hair……getting old really is not for wimps

    • Aint that the truth, karen…getting old SUCKS! I’m only 44 but my surgically induced menopause has made me nothing less than an old balding woman. I don’t have the period problems but there are certainly other symptoms of MEANopause that are brought on when a woman’s parts she is still using are ripped out. It has been my experience that society and, especially the doctors we are supposed to be able to rely on for help, treat us like we are nothing more than parasites. I take oral estrogen but still have the crazy hair loss. The devistation we are going through over the hair loss can only be appreciated by those of us who are experiencing it. People who can’t see past the skin on their own nose think it is petty and vain for us to worry about such a trivial thing but I have seen posts from cancer patients who complain more about the hair loss than the cancer! I’m sure most of us never thought about the possibility of losing our hair but we have been dealt this lot and must live through it the best we can. I wish everyone the best and hope we can all persevere.

  11. I have experienced a similar problem to other ladies. After reading about the wonders of progesterone cream and its claim to be the answer to menopause symptoms, I tried it for around 6 months. During that time, I experienced diffuse thinning and shedding of my hair. Despite stopping the cream 12 months ago, I still believe that my system has yet to fully clear itself of progesterone’s effects. At 48, my blood tests showed that my oestrogen levels were very low so I have now transferred to using an estrogen patch (estradot) with natural progesterone (utrogestan) added for 12 days each month. I also use Spironolactone which has stopped the shedding; however my hair continues to miniaturise and now looks very thin and sparse. I know that progesterone is required to protect the uterus from endometrial cancer but right now I am tempted to try estrogen on its own for a couple of months just to see if this makes a difference. Oestrogen supplementation offers protection from osteoporosis and I believe is necessary for some women during the menopausal years, especially those of us who are slim and have little body fat. There is so much conflicting information on the net but hormones are individually fine-tuned and you mess with them at your peril. I know how hard hair loss can be. It does help to know that you are not alone.

    • I had TAH BSO in the middle of November. Due to endometriosis my doctor waited 4 weeks to start me on estrogen. I am 44 and those last 2 weeks were awful. I am on the vivelle dot currently and experiencing increasing hair loss as well as still having night sweats. I have been reading about progesterone and wonder if it would make a difference for me, since my doctor only prescribed estrogen. I have been hypothyroid in the past and taking Armour. During my pre-op the TSH was normal (2). Im wondering if it needs to be checked again. I have been scouring the web for help with my hairloss and it seems everyone is a little different when it comes to response to hormones.

    • yes have your thyrois levels checked agian and try the Climara patch, middle dose.035 or .075 and a little natural progesterone cream may help, I am on that pluse 2ml testoserone gel and my hair loss has gotten better..hope this helps..good luck!

  12. P.S. I took those “so called” medications (both T3 and T4) for hypothyroid and my hair fell out in CLUMPS. It can exaserbate hair loss as hair loss is a HUGE side effect of Synthroid and all the other thyroid medications. Some people just cannot tolerate the medication. Why? Because they don’t need it.

  13. I disagree with the previous posters. I have had a high TSH (gone to 5 endo docs) and I never shed at all – I had a thick, full head of hair (this is with a high TSH and a slow thyroid). Though it can be a symptom of hypothyroid……….it’s wayyy too general. In my case, it is NOT a thyroid problem. I have had no less than 40 tests (every blood work imaginable over the past year and a half). Its not thyroid related. It’s annoying when people jump on the thyroid band wagon because of hair loss. Funny thing, I increased my estrogen and the shedding has subsided down to a minimum. So, I KNOW it is not thyroid related. And, for many – it can be hormone related.

    • Hi Delilah,
      That’s very interesting. I had a VERY low thyroid until I started meds last year. My doc kept increasing them to get my T4 and T3 into medium-high normal. My TSH plummeted. Then my hair started falling out (although my fingernails got stronger which is weird). Of course my doc was fooling around with estrogen and progesterone and testosterone at the same time so it’s impossible to know where the culprit lies. Meanwhile I just shed and shed.

  14. i agree @Cheleblin, Thyroid hormones problem is one of the major cause of having hair loss among women. A decrease in thyroid hormones affects the delivery of oxygen and nutrients that enables your hair, nails and skin to grow. There are medications that can help restore a healthy thyroid function, and in effect answers hair loss problems.

  15. Thyroid hormones “low, but in normal range” is VERY suspect. You have probably got low thyroid. Thyroid blood work is not always reliable.

  16. There is so much information on the Internet saying that natural progesterone will stop hair loss because it blocks DHT, blah, blah, blah. That is not in call cases. If a woman has low estrogen (menopause), her hair will fall out too. It’s not just that the progesterone will restore the balance, because it won’t. It is not necessarily thyroid either. EVERYONE says that because it is a symptom of hypothyroidism. But not necessarily due to thyroid. I have had hair loss for 1 1/2 years. It is not a thyroid problem as my tests are a little low, but within normal range. It’s chronic telogen effluvium. There is no specific cause and may not end. It is what it is, though distressing. All the web sites that are on the band wagon for progesterone as their solution are wrong. It may help in some cases, but it is an over generalization and bad information. Balancing hormones has been a nightmare for me and the bioidentical “specialists” don’t know more than their weekend course taught them.

  17. Has anyone ever used an IUD to help with perimenopause symptoms? That is what my obgyn is going to do with me and he says it does wonderful. I googled it and it seems to have great results and barely any side affects.

  18. I am 48 and have suffered from hair loss for years. Last year my doctor told me my estrogen levels were high and progesterone low so he put me on progesterone and a tiny bit of testoterone. At first I felt fine and my hair loss slowed down a bit and seemed to be filling in again then after about 5 months my period started shifting, I was constantly cramping and the mood swings were awful. I have consulted with 3 different doctors and cannot get a straight answer, they all have a different explanation as to whether I should be on HRT or not…how can this be? is there not a standard practice for evaluating hormone levels? Needless to say, I weaned myself off of the cream and my hair loss has accelerated again. I’m so sad and frustrated. Any thoughts out there on my situation? any doctors in the house that actually know how this works?

    • Hi angela please goggle Dr Jonathan Wright as he is expert on bio identical hormones and you can send him questions at his clinic. They say Maca is good for hair loss. regards ruthie

  19. Leslie,
    I have been having hairloss also, and I started taking bioidentical hormones several months ago– estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. After seven weeks my hairloss had stopped, but I was gaining weight very quickly, so I stopped taking all the hormones. Now my hair is coming out again, so I went to a dermatologist. She has me taking spironolactone– which blocks testosterone. Testosterone is what can cause male pattern balding. I am now taking only bioidentical estrogen along with the spironolactone and my hair is already shedding less. A good book to read is called, “It’s Your Hormones” by Dr. Geoffrey Redmond. Dr. Redmond talks extensively about hairloss. I read on Dr. Redmond’s newsletter that if you are struggling with hairloss that you should avoid testosterone. Hope this helps.

  20. I was experiencing hair loss during peri-menopause. I started taking Biosil and Biotin supplements and the shedding stopped completely. In fact, it is growing back in faster and richer than before. i highly recommend these supplements in combination with Primrose oil for hormonal balance. The primrose stopped the hot flashes and heart palpitations within two weeksl

  21. I think I have issues with progesterone as well.. My hair loss started while being on the pill Yasmin.. It has the highest amounts of progesterone than any other birth control I’ve seen, normal levels of estrogen (in comparison to other pills) and it’s an anti- androgen. Now, it sounds like it would help my hair, being that it’s an anti-androgen, but it’s what started my hair loss. I went and got my hormone levels tested and saw that progesterone is low.. but, I’m just wondering if my levels are normally low.. it seems like every cycle my hair shedding increases in the second half of the cycle (when estrogen drops and progesterone rises). I’m now beginning to think that progesterone might be the actual issue, and am thinking of increasing my estrogen. (Pretty well known that estrogen is good for the hair anyway).

    Whenever I look up progesterone and hair loss I always see positive results, but it’s usually from sites that are trying to sell natural progesterone cream or whatever so I’m not sure I can really trust it.

  22. Hi Leslie
    I would highly recommend you have your thyroid (TSH3 and TSH4) checked.
    From everything I have read when women go through menopause their thyroid is thrown off.
    I was sure my hair loss was from menopause and then from estrogen and prorgestrone cream I use.
    I had my thyroid checked and it was very very low. My doc put me on thyroid meds and my hair stopped falling out.

    • Carole, pls tell me what meds and what dosage you used to get your hair to grow back..i have lost loads of hair..

    • Be careful with Thyroid drugs. My doctor put me on them and it made my hair fall out in clumps!! Endocronologists always say your thyroid is low – if above 2. Ridiculous. I was poisoned by Synthroid and it took forever for that avalanche of hair to stop falling out!!

  23. I am finding this all very interesting. I am 39 and have been struggling with hairloss for about 6 years now. I first noticed my hair shedding at the age of 33. My dr. tested all my levels and said my estrogen was too low so put me on Prempro. My hairloss remained the same if not worse, and my moodswings unbearable and my periods a nightmare! At age 35 I had a complete hysterectomy, removal of uterus and ovaries. For the past 4 years I have tried all kinds of hormones. First there was Premarin, then Estrotest which was great but Im sure my testiserone was too high, because my hairloss was worse! Went off testosterone for a year but no change. Then I found someone who prescribed bioidentical hormones. I am currently on Estrogen/progesterone/ and small dose of testosterone. For 2 years they have been trying to adjust my dosages, but the hairloss continues. I am now using Topix fibers to try to hide my thin spots on top of my head. It works great but what will I do when I don’t have any hair at all? After reading everyones comments I am going to try just estrogen without progesterone or testosterone and see how that goes. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  24. whenever i take synthetic progesterone pills (i am on micronized progesterone and a low dose estrogen patch), no matter what dosage i’m taking, from 25microgram to 100micrograms, my hair falls out noticably and my hairline will be very thin (especially the top of my head). my hair will feel very limp and my scalp hurts. whenever i stop my progesterone, my hair grows back in and no more bald spots on my head.
    there is a lot of information out that that claims that progesterone helps prevent hair loss, but that it is obviously not the case for all women. it would be nice if anyone can explain what is going on and what i can do to prevent hair loss when i’m on progesterone. i’d rather endure hot flashes than have thinning hair.

    • Suzie,
      I came across your post and wanted to know if you ever found an answer? I am in the same situation and found another forum and a woman told me to take more Progesterone cream! 100/200mg a day!! I am scared to take more, I was depressed..foggy thinking, and have major hairloss now!

  25. All three times I have taken progesterone in any form, I have had horrible hair loss. The first two timers were with a low estrogen BCP. The last time, I used a progesterone cream with phytoestrogens. I used this cream for 7 months and my hair loss continued for 16 months at a rapid rate, causing me to wear a wig. In my case, my estrogen levels are aleady low but my progesterone levels are not. Therefore, using progesterone makes no sense. Although I am now seeing a bioidentical hormone specialist, who should know better, he put me on estrogen (Biest) and progesterone cream. I told him I would not take the progersterone which made him angry and he gave me the prescription anyway. After taking only the estrogen for 2 months, my hair shedding is finally almost normal (about 15 hairs lost after shampooing rather than 80). I just saw him today and he finally agreed that I need to (stop) progesterone. It is WRONG that companies make the statement that progesterone doesn’t cause hair loss. That is only the case with instances of estrogen dominance.

  26. Janice Collinson

    Hi, just read your post and I too, at the age of 56 and five years post-menopausal, have started losing my hair. Extensive blood tests have shown I have no abnormalities but I go back on Tuesday to see doc as I was going to ask if HRT might at least stop my loss. Reading about it, it seems progesterone is a no-no but that oestrogen might help.
    Sorry I am not able to help, I just thought I would tell you you have many sisters out there going through the same. I have resorted to using Toppix fibres which i must admit works brilliantly for me at the moment, disguising my very thin crown area to the extent that my friends and family are amazed. However they work by thickening available hair and soon there will not be enough to work with. I tried a Nanogen crayon pen for my ever increasing parting and would not recommend this…too block-coloured and unnatural.
    Let us hope and pray for more research into female hairloss and more understanding from the medical fraternity. It is such a very sad situation isn’t it, to lose our crowning glory. Good luck to all of us out there feeling this pain xxxJan

  27. ,Hi everyone
    My hair started thinning some 3yrs ago,and continues to thin even now.It comes out from root .the areas effected are sides above the ears and top,also some thinning from the nape of the neck up,where I too have a red patch,would love to know what it is.
    My periods stopped about 5yrs ago,to help my hair situation I went on HRT,patches and progesterone per day,it has helped to strengthen my hair but thats all,I’m still loosing it.Now I have to hide certain areas of scalp when doing my hair,I have always been known for my hair so it’s very worrying and upsetting.
    I started to apply Minoxodil a year ago,this helped with the shedding to a degree but,it seems as bad as ever again.
    I then was told by the chemist I should take Finestride(DHT blocker)which I started a month ago but have stopped mainly because I have a blood test looming.
    I have a high white blood cell count and am wondering if this is doing the damage but the hemotologist says no, yet,no one seems to know or understand why my count is high as I seem to be in good health,this has been ongoing for a year now but,I was loosing my hair 3yrs ago so have accepted that it probably isn’t that.
    I am now left wondering if I am testosterone sensitve,even though my blood test for this was normal,the Endocrinologist said my hair loss is normal and gave no advice,basically said go live your life.
    On the 5th Oct.I am having lots more blood tests and I mean lots,so hoping to find some answers.
    One clinic for hairloss said I should take Medroxprogesterone but,I am already on a progesterone I feel so confused as to what to do.They said I have female pattern baldness and diffusion,just my luck I am suffering from 2 things.I hate the ageing process.
    Can anyone shine a light on this by sharing any info or personal experiences?

    • Hello thin hair please look into bioidentical cream hormones and goggle Dr Jonathan Wright who has been a specialist in bios for 30 years. good luck.

  28. Hi!
    I am taking the hormone replacement therapy too. My doctor gave me Femanest – it is a special Swedish HRT, and only has estrogen (estradiol 2mg), and no progesterone. My doctor said that progesterone causes more troubles than benefits. I was taking Yasmin before (until I got a lump in my breast, which was probably also caused by progesterone as my doc suggests). I am now taking Femanest and Perfectil for hair, nails, and skin (just a vitaming complex).
    Femanest also keeps you from sweating or feeling hot sudden flushes.
    Pardon my English – i am not a native speaker.
    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi olga just read your comment. you should never take any estrogens without progesterone as it causes cancers and lumps in your breasts. progesterone helps to keep the estrogens in check as it is non carcinogenic. Please goggle Dr John Lee called the father of progesterone and also Dr jonathan Wright who has been a specialist in biodentical hormone replacement for 30 years. Hope this helps

  29. Hi Joann,
    I also experienced hair loss shortly after starting a progesterone cream. Although it helped my other symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats, my hair was coming out at an alarming rate. My doctor then put me on an oral progesterone which left me with bloating and headache every day. I again began the cream, but soon found my hair coming out again. Have you found any answers to your problem? Can you offer any insight to our problem? Help!!!

    • Hi Joanne,
      So sorry about your hair–I know it’s horrible. You say your hair fell out with the cream but not the progesterone pill? My doc said our skin isn’t supposed to absorb stuff –it’s supposed to keep things out, so maybe this unnatural delivery is causing our hair loss?

  30. I am here to tell you that progesterone does definitely cause hair loss. I am on bio identical hrt and I thought this was going to be the answer to all my problems. Boy, was I wrong. I was losing my hair at an alarming rate once I reached menopause. So I was given estrogen and progeterone separtely to make yme have a period It is suppose to be safer than regular hrt. I take the progesterone for 11 days and at the end of that I get a period. While I am taking the progesterone my hair falls out even worse that before. My doctor has tried many things but so far nothing has worked. I’m at the end of my rope. I don’t know what to do.

  31. I have been going through menopause now for the last three years,Before starting a course of hrt I had not had a period in a year, my hot flushes were becoming worse and so were my mood swings and memory.I also found that as my hot flushes became worse i started to experience hair loss.I was told that hrt might help with these problems.I had blood tests taken and was given oestrogen and progesterone troches to take,they started me on a higher dose of oestrogen because my levels were really low.After about 6 weeks I started to bleed, and then every 10 to 13 days later I would get another period, this continued for the next 2 months. In this period of time my hair stopped falling out and had started to regrow, and my hot flushes had stopped. The only problem was my constant period’s.I was then told to double the amount of progesterone in order to stop my periods.Thats when my problem’s started, after just 2 weeks of taking the double dose of progesterone i started to experience severe hair shedding, and i developed a red rash that almost resembled sun burn on my neck,I was then advised to only take 3/4 strength progesterone,i continued with this for another 6 weeks , and in this time my hair loss continued and so did the rash on my neck.I finally decided to seek the help of a specialist who is also a firm believer in hrt.He put me on biest 0.2% pcca cream and told me to apply one mini spoon full a day,and also prescribed 120mg progesterone 1 tablet each night.My hot flushes continued , so he increased the oestrogen to 2 mini scoops , within a week my periods started again, after they had been absent for 68 days,they were back again.Now i was told to stop the periods I would need to increase the progesterone to double, I explained to the doctor what had occured when i took that amount before , but i was assured that if i took these amounts then my hair shedding would settle down and that within 6 months my hair would look great.So i did as he suggested and within the week the rash on my neck returned and my hair loss has now become so bad i am seriously considering buying a wig,I wish now that i had never tried hrt, I have experienced nothing but periods all over the place , severe hair loss and rashes. Maybe for a large number of women hrt is perfect , but i can assure you that for some like me it is nothing but a nightmare.

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