Can progesterone cream cause hair loss?

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hairHair loss is a common symptom associated with the post-menopausal years. It comes in various forms:

  1. hair becomes thinner and lighter coupled with difficulty in styling,
  2. alopecia where the hair actually comes out from the roots leaving bald patches and
  3. male pattern baldness where hair is lost at the temples and the crown of the head.

The low estrogen levels associated with menopause cause weakening of the connective tissues from breakdown of the collagen, protein and elastic fibers in it. These are what gives your skin, hair and nails their strength and suppleness.

Can progesterone cause hair loss if used to treat menopause symptoms? On the contrary, progesterone helps to your body’s normal hair pattern. It helps to normalize zinc and copper levels which are essential for healthy hair.

hair loss in womenThe average woman loses 50 to 100 strands of hair per day naturally. On days that you wash your hair, you lose on average 250 hairs per day. These hairs are replaced and you never notice a change in your hair. However, if you have abnormal hair loss, you are losing way more strands of hair per day and this is evident by the stray hairs you find on your pillow when you wake up, hair left in your comb, and what you see going down the drain in your bathtub. Not only that, but you can see the hair loss on your scalp when you look in the mirror. There is a variety of reasons for hair loss in women. These reasons vary from hereditary causes, medical and emotional problems, and self-inflicted damage to your hair.

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