Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Review

Perhaps The Best Fitness Gadget of the 21st Century

fitbit ultraI’m thirty two years old and this is basically, other than desktop and laptop computers, the first piece of techno-gadgetry I’ve ever owned. For whatever reason I have never gone gaga over cell phones, smart phones, Ipods etc. In my mind, these things tend to distract people from what is really important, life itself. I ended up purchasing this on the advice of a few co-workers who had managed to get in amazing shape within about six months.

I work in retail at a major department store that is primarily for women. It turned out that they had one of these little miracle workers for a while and I didn’t even know it! I’ll be honest and say this gadget takes some getting used to and there is a bit to learn, but now I’ve gotten the hang of things, I love it! Here’s a brief breakdown of how I use it.

How I Use My Fitbit

  • I’m able to keep a record of how many steps I take around the sales floor and back and forth to stock rooms. It was a shocker when I realized I was walking roughly 5-9 miles a day. I couldn’t believe how much exercise I was getting on average five days a week. It helped me realize that the whole issue all along had been my eating habits.
  • I was also able to get a better idea of my sleeping habits, which turned out to be rather awful if I do say so myself. After the initial revelation once I had some data compiled, my husband decided to chime in and let me know he noticed my sleeping habits affecting my attitude years ago! This tiny machine is so faithful and honest, I adore it.
  • The worry that I would lose it was a big deal at first. However, it has become a habit now to clip it under my shirt or on my bra without thinking. While it is small, I haven’t lost it once.
  • I’m familiar with the computer but the degree and depth to which I could manipulate and understand all the information, through online tables and charts and stuff, was at first overwhelming. I especially find the food log, in conjunction with the calories counter, the best way to see where I need to shift and alter to maintain my goal weight.

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