Ovarian cancer deaths: more than just numbers

ovarian cancer deaths, hysterectomy, early diagnosis, screeningI had a comment on this blog a while back on an article I wrote about hysterectomy and removal of ovaries The comment says:

I realize this article is a few years old now, and being a woman that had my “woman hood” stolen from me at age 27(due to hysterectomy), I do appreciated your awareness on the affects of a hysterectomy. That being said – I must say this article is dissapointing and WRONG in a few area’s. You stated Ovarian Cancer is not common! Ovarian Cancer is very common, it is more common than you are stating and it is article’s like this one that mis-lead thousands of women. I realize that you are probably unaware of this because well, most people are. But, I suggest you do your research before making a statement that is totally wrong.

I don’t usually respond to comments with blog posts because I believe everyone has, and is entitled to, their own personal opinions, even if I don’t agree with them. I make every effort to research my articles and I stand by what I wrote, although I’m always open to constructive criticism and contributions and I make mistakes just like everyone else.

Cancer is a very emotional issue. Every one of us has been touched by it in one way or another, either personally or through family and friends. I was sorely tempted to reel out a series of statistics about ovarian cancer especially in relation to skin, breast or lung cancer but I stopped myself. It’s not a battle, I’m not at war with anyone.


  1. thank you for info. it open my mind, and after i read it i know what should i do today for my healthy life

  2. Great, considerate post and blog.Judging by your site’s articles and posts,I believe you do alot of research into cancer issues.Thanks for sharing your information with the world.The war is against cancer not man.Once again,great post.

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