Painful, tender or sore breasts/ nipples- causes, risk factors, solutions

sore breasts and tender painful nipplesPainful or sore breasts will occur in many women at some point in their lives, any time from puberty right through to after menopause.

Sore breasts and nipples are a common problem for many women. They can occur in women of almost any age and there are various different causes of breast pain and swollen, lumpy breasts. If you ever felt embarrassed about having severe pain in your breasts, don’t be. You’re in very good company.

Types of sore breasts

Breast pain can usually be divided into two groups:

  • Cyclical breast pain – this tends to occur every month at around the same time in your menstrual cycle
  • Non-cyclical breast pain – this type of breast pain occurs at any time and is not related to the menstrual cycle.

Causes of sore breasts and swollen nipples

Ultimately, what actually makes the breasts sore and swollen is too much water in the breast tissue. This causes the pressure and stretching of the breast tissue which causes pain. This accumulation of water, also known as water retention, also causes the bloating you may feel when you have painful swollen breasts.

Any hormonal imbalance in the body will usually show itself in one way or the other. Sore breasts and nipples is one of the most common ways that the body shows that the hormones are not balanced. There a a few other reasons for tender breasts and nipples that are unrelated to hormones but these are relatively few compares to those caused by deranged hormones.

What can lead to sore breasts?

  • Pregnancy – during pregnancy you have a very high level of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen increases the amount of breast tissue while progesterone helps to make the glands in the breast mature with some accumulation of water. This prepares the breast to manufacture food for the newborn baby. In this case, the swelling of the breasts, although it’s uncomfortable, is a good thing. Sore breasts are not cause for worry here. It’s normal for many women to have sore breasts at this stage.
  • PMS – in PMS the swelling and water retention are mostly due to hormonal imbalance – estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is a situation in which the levels of estrogen and progesterone are out of balance – the progesterone in your body is not enough to balance the levels of estrogen. You may have sore breasts but the discomfort will usually reduce after a few days.
  • Premenopause and menopause – before menopause, up to 15% of cycles may be anovulatory (ie no egg is released) even in women with regular cycles. As you get older, production of estrogen and progesterone in your body gradually begin to wind down and you will tend to have even more anovulatory cycles until you get to menopause. Most of the progesterone in your body is produced in the ovaries after ovulation. No ovulation means almost no progesterone. Even though you’re producing less estrogen as you go through menopause, these levels are still out of balance with the very low levels of progesterone. So you can still have estrogen dominance even if you have low estrogen levels. This leads to sore and tender breasts.
  • Imbalance in fat levels – an imbalance in the fats in your cells may make your breast tissue more sensitive to circulating hormones in the body causing breast pain.
  • Medication – drugs like oral contraceptives, drugs used for Hormone Replacement Therapy and even some antidepressants like Prozac and Zoloft.
  • Pain in the heart and chest may also be felt in the breast.
  • Very large breasts may also cause pain because of their weight. You may also feel pain in the neck and shoulders as well.
  • Breast cancer – breast pain can also be a sign of breast cancer but it is usually a late sign in advanced cases.

sore breasts, nipples, breast pain

What causes sore nipples and sore breasts?

Sore nipples and/or sore breasts are something you may experience at various times in your monthly cycle. They can mean various things depending on what’s going on in your body at that time. So let’s talk about what sore nipples and sore breasts may mean for you.

Causes before menopause

There are 2 main reasons for sore nipples/breasts before menopause:

  • Post-ovulation – During your menstrual cycle the 2 main hormones at work are:
    • estrogen before ovulation and
    • progesterone which starts to act around the time of ovulation

    Progesterone causes water to be retained in the body. The main reason for this is to prepare the uterus for a possible pregnancy by making the uterus rich in water and food for the anticipated pregnancy. Unfortunately, this same effect is felt throughout the body. Storing of water in the breast tissue causes it to become stretched leading to painful breasts and sore nipples.


  1. Hello I’m 16 I’m not sexually active my nipples feel like they burn when I bum into them or put on a bra it hurts to shower and I can’t wear a bra. I thought maybe my nipples were just dry so I tried lotion but it made them hurt worse please help this has been going on for 2 months without stop

  2. Lol… Ok I had a Hysterectomy. I do have one Ovary still. I know for a fact I’m not pregnant. If I was then surgery went really bad.. lol… So why does both my nipples hurt so bad? And under my arm pit. When I had my menstrual cycle my nipples didn’t hurt this bad.. and I know it’s not my bra. There not dry,nor itching. So ?????? Going on? I’m 38 so can I be going thru menopause? Hummm…

  3. hi i hve a sore breast for 5days so i need your help guys wat does it means???

  4. then with all that pain I have cramps in the tummy —not seeing any signs of period yt —

  5. I am not sure if my period is coming but for the past few days I have been experiencing a tender in the nipples and an increase in the size —what do you think cause that?

  6. Hi my name is tiffany i had unprotected sex nd i dunno when but i have not stated my period yet nd my chest is sore tender nd seem swollen nd i had hot cheetoes the other day nd they tasted like burnt popcorn but my cousin said they tasted fine to her nd im having food cravings i think nd mood swing nd i am wondering if at beginning of nov if i should take a pregnancy test ?

  7. My nipples became sore randomly and me and my boyfriend have unsafe sex about a week and 3 days ago can i be prego ??? And its only my nipples ??

  8. My last period was on 09/19/15 an my stomach looks like it has a baby bump ( what my friends say) but I haven’t been sick just nauseous, dizzy, nipples are sore, an tired all the time. Could that mean I’m pregnant or is it to early to tell an it’s just my mind playing tricks on me? I’m really young also.

  9. My last period was on 09/19/15 an my stomach looks like it has a baby bump ( what my friends say) but I haven’t been sick just nauseous, dizzy, nipples are sore, an tired all the time. Could that mean I’m pregnant or is it to early to tell an it’s just my mind playing tricks on me?

  10. I am 69 years old and was in a pretty bad accident in which I broke ribs and my breast were black and blue, I am starting to heal but but my nipples are so this part of the healing process?

  11. I had my tubes tied almost 6 yrs ago n am feeling like I could be pregnant I have 4 kids already but the signs are there could it be so

  12. I am 67. My right breast nipple is sore to the touch. I do not have any breast lumps, no discharge from nipple and it looks the same as the other one. Can I use any cream to heal it?

  13. hello my breasts are tender and I have not had a period for two years and now I am spotting. I am 58. No mood swings, no hot flashes. Nothing that is different. Got any ideas?

  14. Hi am 43 years old, on pill don’t get periods. My nipples are very sore can you help

  15. A few days ago my right breast has been aching. I rubbed some aloe Vera gel over it and it didn’t give me any more problems the last few day. Today it feels like it want to ache again, but it has not. Should I be concerned? I’m 56 years old and have been going through menopause for many years.


  17. I am 50 year old woman and woke up 2 days ago.with a very sore rigt nipple. Its so sore I have trouble putting neosporin on it,I cover it with gauze. It does feel like there is a small gumball size lump rolling around on the side of my oriola. Any advice or anyone go through this themselves. Thanks no medical insjrance

  18. I’m 47 still have my periods but my last period wasn’t a normal one and now my nipples are tender & soar to the touch I really doubt if I’m pregnant my husband and I haven’t really been too active wit sex What I’m wondering is could it be menopause.

  19. Hello…I am very regular with my periods and I always have sore boobs a week before. This time I started and my boobs/nipples are still very sore…now i’m over my period and they are still very sore and I don’t understand why? Please help me figure this out.

  20. My left nippled hurt real bad plus it burned bad

  21. okay, mid fifties here, almost 2 years into menopause and about a week ago my nipples got very sore and are almost always erect and my breasts and tummy is also bloated what should I be doing?

  22. I am 46 years old and have been told that I am perimenopausal. I had my period in July and just recently in December. I have had insomnia for 7+ years. This last year my breasts have been extremely tender/painful. At this point even my armpits hurt. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?

  23. Hi I’m michelle my fiancΓ© and I had sex sep 6 and I had to periods after that I gained a lot of weight and my nipples hurt a lot I’m always tired my feet hurt every day I always want snacks just last week I had ice cream cravings am I pregnant ?

  24. i have stopped taking the injection about three months an have not had my period but I have had sore nipples for a week. I had protected sex three days ago and before that four months while on the injection. what do you think is wrong

  25. Hello, I’m currently on the deppo injection and have been for about a year. Me an my partner have unprotected sex all the time. I just recently got my period (which I normally do two weeks before my injections due) I got my injection just yestoday and my nipples are really sore, I can’t even touch them, could I be pregnant? I mean I just got my period and my injection, but I am constantly tired and sleepy with lower back pains and I’ve been having horrendous cramps where I have to crouch and I can’t move until their gone because it’s that painful. Recently the cramps have gone though but I’m still extremely tired all the time, have back pains and a weak bladder. I can never get Booked in my doctors and I don’t really want to go about having sore nipples and stuff. I mean could I be pregnant? I’m so scared. I don’t want to be pregnant at 16, please reply soon.

  26. Hi my name is Rain, I’m 18 and I have been having pain in my left breast and my nipple to. I can’t tell if there is a lump or not. It has been hurting for some time now. I was just asking what do I need to do or if there is anything I can do.

  27. Hi, I’m a young lady age of 20 , I have been having discomfort lately due to my nipples being sore , I’m not sure if I am pregnant or not , but me and my partner have been using protection ever since , don’t know if it ever brake , but he never said non … If you got information , of what I have as my problem from this situation PLEASE HELP πŸ™ :'(

  28. I have had my tubes clampt for 12yrs and my menstral cycle is on time every month but my nipples and breast are VERY sensitive and slightly a swollen what could be causing it I am only 39 years old could it be early menopause or something else

  29. Im 44 & Already had my period.. wont be due till next month.. as mine comes every 29 to 30 days.. however for the last 2 months straight, ive had some extremely sore nipples.. my breasts don’t hurt except when im getting ready to start. but my nipples.. ( both of them hurt all the time) I am a Bigger busted 44 D . And it hurts when I do & do not wear a bra, as all material seem to Rub against my nipples. I also accidently brush my arm against them which also sets off a new fire. this has become EXTREMELY painful. my husband Likes to ignore my request of no touchy.. as he does not get it.. and If they get hard.. Im In Severe pain. I DO Have Fibromyalgia, but was wondering.. what if anything this can be from And Please Tell me ANY remedy I can Do to Stop this nipple pain or im going in to have breasts removed, for no other reason then to get rid of these nipples.. But Seriously.. Is there ANYTHING?? I can do to ease the pain??

  30. I’m 56 y’s old I have had Breast cancer my right breast in 2008 / Now my on the breast is very sore red tender breast and very tender Nipple could I have breast cancer ??

  31. I had my uterus remove in january 2014 and i have always had sore breast. But last year i had my mamogram done and they find 3 cyct is the left breast and both breast are hurting, I am under my doctors care.

  32. I am 42yrs old I had a proper period back in March and then this month I only bleed for 2 days I’ve done 3 pregnancy tests 2 home and one at the doctors and all have came back negative but I have had problems with pregnancy test in the past it took 4 of them before it came back positive with my oldest son and I was 3 and a half to four month gone before I got it confirmed with my youngest son and my breasts and nipples are really sore could I be pregnant again any advice welcome thanks

  33. pauline Tshekuye

    Hey i’m 22 and i finished my period 3days ago just yesterday my right breast started paining and today the left one also started,, i have no idea of what it can be, i still young for PMS, so what can it be???

  34. I am having severe burning sensation in my right breast (nipple area) should I be concerned? I have severe Fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and neuropathy in my legs

  35. I am 65 yr old woman with tender nipples. Was using Estrace 1 gram cream but not in several weeks. I take several meds for arthritis and an anxiolytic. When I first started Estrace used it daily for 1 week. I was not surprised nipples tender then but why now? I am not overweight but do have occasional bloating. Have IBS. Have weekly methotrexate injections and take Celebrex, Cymbalta, Roboxin, klonopin, Salagen, folic acid 1 mg. generalized itching without rash etc. Also a problem. What’s wrong?

  36. Looks like my comments/posts have been deleted. I just came back to update that I had my visit with on-gyn Monday, blood draw today to check everything, and to top it all off a mammogram on Friday to check the lump the doc found in my left breast. Don’t know why I’m even bothering to post, since this likely to be deleted as well. Thanks a lot for no chance for support moderator!

    • So sorry Kara. We’ve been making some changes to the site to make more information available in one place instead of scattered all over the place. We are in the process of moving the comments to make sure none are deleted. Sorry you got caught up in our logistical mess. All the best.

  37. My last post disappeared. Hopefully it shows up sometime. I took a HPT this morning, came up with a big fat negative. I will test again at the ob-gyn next Monday. I was reading that too much estrogen, or too much progesterone can cause these sensitive breast and other related symptoms. Also other hormone related deficiencies, best bet is to get a complete blood hormone panel done by your doctor. I had to specifically request the tests a few years ago, any doc I went to basically said they didn’t know what was wrong, here take these birth control pills, or that medicine. I was even told once that I should be happy to get my period only once in awhile. I KNEW something was wrong, so push for the tests, for your health.

  38. Thank you Lisa for the reply. I know it is a long shot to catch the first month of trying, especially with my “problems”. I had a miscarriage 14 years ago, while on the pill, with one failure to pull out, (I didn’t realize at the time about antibiotics and pill failure). I don’t remember these symptoms, everybody seemed to know but me @ 3 weeks (weird) I kept getting asked if I was pregnant, I said no because I hadn’t missed a period yet. I knew I was so I tested a few weeks later, it was neg. I tested three weeks after that, it was neg. ( by that time I just KNEW). When I went to toss the test at 11 minutes, a faint positive-but I credited it to evaporation. Dec 23rd had me in E.R. with a possible ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. I don’t know for sure if it was ectopic since they could not find the fetus on any ultrasound. I just think it is ironic that when I was trying to avoid it, I got pregnant with just one time. Now that I am actively trying, ugh! So I am scared to test, but yet, I can’t wait. I don’t think I want to find out at the doctor’s office!
    P.S. No Aunt Flo today, still on and off cramps/backache, sensitive breasts. The breast pain is strange- more pain if general pressure or lifted, little pain if nipples are touched gently, but massive pain if they are “erect”. Don’t know! I will keep updating!

  39. Iam 31 will be 32 in Nov I had My tubes tied in 2007 after my second child. I am over weight but still had a period every month. I am over a month late and my breast/nipples are killing me! I am not cramping , could I be pregant? I guess Iam getting a test! No spotting nothing..

  40. Just a quick question for you ladies. Sorry for any TIM. I have PCOS, & irregular cycles. Example- Oct 2012 (7 day bleed, normal), Nov 2012 (3 day bleed, light/spotty), April 2013 (5 day bleed, light), May 2013 (7 day bleed, heavy/clotting/flooding), Sept 15-23 (8 day, heavy/clotting/flooding). May and Sept went to E.R. for the pain and extreme bleeding, they said I am experiencing anovulation. I experience breast pain, severe nipple sensitivity (feels like rubbed raw with sandpaper) for about two weeks before a period. Last time I had the breast pain the last week of August through the period. Anyways, to my question finally! My boyfriend and I got “baby fever” after his first niece was born last month. We haven’t used protection this month. Due to the irregular nature of my monthly friend, predicting ovulation is hard, if not impossible! According to charts ovulation should have occurred Oct 1st or so. On the 6th, I started getting a bit of tenderness, 7th runny discharge that was similar to semen in the fact it was clear/whitish, slippery but not stretchy- stretchy was last week sometime. 8th, lower cramps/ twinges, bloating, gas, backache, clear discharge. 9th, incredible breast tenderness/nipple sensitivity , less discharge. I have a loss of appetite, I initially want sex, but lose interest quickly/ can’t orgasm, heartburn for the past two days. My monthly friend if I go by a typical 28 day is supposed to start the 12th. Is it possible that these “might” be signs of pregnancy, maybe wishful thinking, or just a precursor to Aunt Flo? I have an ob-gyn appointment for the 21st, but I kinda want to test before if I can, but when should I do it? I will definitely check back in and update- I hate not knowing what happened with some of the former posters. Thank you for any help.

    • I took a pregnancy test 5 days before I was due and it was positive! This was 16 years ago so I’m sure that they are even more advanced. If you take one and it’s negative don’t be too disappointed. You still may not have enough of the hiGh hormone. Hopefully congratulations will be in order soon.

  41. I am 37 years old and I had an endrometrial abulation last year I haven’t had a period since then and I sometimes still have the symptoms like when you get your period sometimes I have little spotting and that’s it. Most of the time my breast hurt for about a day and that’s it. But this time I have had breast pain they are tender, swollen and my nipples hurt at the touch for about 5 days now. What can that be?

  42. Hello there. I am a 22 year old woman with lack of appetite, extreme mood swings, migraines, tender nipples, and fatigue. My last period was April 3-6 but I have been having unprotected sex fairly regularly both before && after. For the last week I have had breast/nipple tenderness, soreness under my arms, lack of appetite (i will go all day without remembering to eat something) lower back tightness, slight dizziness, and I have been sleeping constantly (i’m awake maybe 5 hours a day!!, which is odd for me, because I have chronic insomnia and usually I have trouble sleeping.) I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet (I’d like to at least wait until my missed period) but when I plugged my symptoms into google, it keeps bringing me to pregnancy sites, so I figured I’d get some insight.

  43. tender only in left breast. i had car accident 31/2 yrs ago and my left side of body got bruised up pretty bad. could that be something to do with my breast. i had 2 mamagrams done last year and nothing showed up. my nipple burns lot.

    • did you get an answer for the left breast that are sore? i am 26 and my left breast is so sore i want to die. must i go and see a Dr? please if anybody got an answer for me.

  44. I’m 28 years of age. I have only one child. I’ve tried to fall preg without any success now. Now the problem is ever since I had my child I had not menstruated at all. Suddenly now my breast and nipples are sore, the pain is better when I’m wearing a bra but boy when I take it off the pain becomes unbearable for a couple of seconds then it easy down but still there. I have taken a home pregnancy test a week before as I started being nausea but the results were negative. I don’t know if I should do another test as maybe it’s something else but not pregnancy

  45. tender boobs in wv

    and one more thing I dont have my periods reg anymore Havnt for years I might get maybe 1 every couple of years.

  46. tender boobs in wv

    Hello I am 36 yrs old I have 3 kids and had my tubes tied in 2002 . I have bad thyroids and Im a diabetic im over weight and have been working on losing weight lost 70lbs in past year. Arround new years this year my boobs started getting really tender under my arms and down the sides of my boobs and arround my nipple area. sometimes they feel like they are burning . I do not have any dicharge. but they feel firm . almost like when your pregnant and cold air bothers them. I took a pregnant text and it was neg. doc dont seem to be worried but I am. I recently had fluid on my breast bone. and maybe a pulled muscle in chest does anyone eles have this problem. mostly just nipples and arround that arrea very tender when I push on them get shooting pains sometimes. any help is welcome.

  47. Ok, so I am 35 years old.
    I have been experiencing nipple soreness for about 5-7 days now.
    my last cycle started somewhere around the 22nd. I usually keep track and I am regretting not taking the 2 minutes it would have to mark my calendar, but I have been so busy with a move and a new job, so it is what it is.
    I smoked a Pall Mall a few days ago and got real nauseous and sick to my stomach. (not a heavy smoker, but I induldge every now and then) It could just be a coincidence, and I also did some research and alot of people complain about getting sick from that particular brand, but with the nipple soreness too, I am having quite a bit of concern.
    I have also been experiencing some fatigue, but that also could be associated with the move and new job. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and they have both come out negative, however they were store brand and not really sure I can trust that, or if it’s too early to even detect.
    Could I be premenopausal? If not, are there any women out there who have experienced these symptoms and not been pregnant?
    I am not, nor have I ever been on birth control, I use the natural method, combined with condoms when it’s close to ovulation. If I started my period the 22nd my ovulation date would have been the 5th, it may have been the 23rd or 24th, which would still put ovulation at the 7th. Today is the 14th. Is there any way this could be associated with my ovulation? or is that too long of a span?
    I don’t have insurance or money to see a professional right now, I hope someone out there has a clue as to what I’m going through

  48. Hello all!
    I am 35…. and my nipples hurt soo much. I have been sleeping and have flu like symptom, constipation, bloating…. and I’m always starving. I’m two weeks late but I am a month off the birth control… think I am pregnant? How long after being of the birth control do I have to be? I did a cheap preg test and it was neg. but I if I am preg – id be only 2 weeks. What do you think? Should I worry about being pregnant?

  49. I have a ? My boobs have been hurting for almost 2weeks and My monthly is all over I have token 3 prego test and they have came up negative they my boobs hurt all over and the nipples hurt what dose it mean I am scared it might be cancer

  50. Hi, I’m 21, I recently have been having sore nipples for about a week, I’ve never had them be sore before for any reason. I was on the pill for about 3 years the seasonique one where you get your period only every few months, and recently came off of it about a month and a half ago. I had a regular period days later, and I was due for another one about a little over a week ago, and i’ve had absolutely nothing, not even cramping. I had unprotected sex in the beginning of July, but 2 or 3 days before, I missed my pill. I haven’t had any food cravings or any other changes with my body except the nipple soreness. Could this be a side effect of just coming off the birth control?

  51. Please see a doctor.

  52. Hello,
    I don’t really know what is going on with me. I have PCOS so I rarely get a period and when I do it is very very light. About 10 days ago or so my breast started hurting. They hurt when touched or moved, when I take my bra off or put it on, my nipples are really sensitive as well and the nipples look just a little bigger than normal. I am terrified that this may be something serious. I have taken 2 pregnancy test and both were negative. I know with PCOS that it is really hard to conceive without help so I was ok with the thought of me being pregnant. Around the time that my breast started hurting I started my period but it was only for a few days and the pain is worse and the period is gone. I don’t know what to do. I know cancer runs in my family and that scares me. I am only 25 years old.

  53. hi i am 21 and my breast have been hurting me for 2 months i had a very short period this month shorter than normal but every night when i take off my bra my breast and nipples are sooo sore i can barely touch them they hurt through out the day also they feel like they have gotten bigger lately iv taken a pregnancy test to see if maybe im pregnant and results came back negitive my husband keeps telling me im pregnant
    any help would be appreciated!!!!
    thanks katle

    • The same thing is happening to me. They hurt too much to even touch. Bending over or even changing my shirt could cause them to hurt. My nipples are also very sore to the touch. I have taken 2 tests both negative but I got them at the dollar store so I am not sure on the accuracy. Have you found out anything new since you posted this?

  54. I’m 27 my boobs have been hurting for about two weeks now. I do sleep on my stomache I thought I was pregnant at one point but then I was spotting for like 3 to 4 days I took a test came out neg but that was like a week ago and my boobs still are sore. Should I take another test..??.. my tummy sometimes has sharp pains in it as well not like everyday but maybe every other day. What should I do..??..

  55. Hi I have some questions and was looking for advice or what not. My periods usually follow this app I have called “my days” & I usually have my period at the end of the month. We’ll for some reason it’s on the 13th….we’ll anyways I had sex two days before I’m supposed to start my period. I haven’t had sex in a long time. We didn’t use protection and he finished w/out pulling out. I don’t think I was ovulating according to the chart but I don’t know. So I was wondering what are the chances of. becoming pregnant? I’ve been very tired lately, my boobs are sore. I keep having weird sharp pains in my stomach but not like cramp pains…

  56. Hi
    Im about a month late for my period and have very sore boobs, hungry all the time, finding it hard to sleep and have a bit of weight gain ,i have done three test and have all come up negative there is a chance i could be pregnant as my partner and i are trying but for the test to come up negative and to have these symptoms im very concerned about what else it could be,could you please help me?

  57. Hi I’m Christyne I’m 19 and recently my breasts have been extremely sore, I just started my period and I have had some soreness before when I have had my period, is it supposed to get worse? I have never felt a pain like this in my breasts before. :/

  58. Hi,

    I’m 24 and my breasts are very tender. They were fine yesterday then all of a sudden today they’re really sensitive. The nipples DO NOT hurt. only the sides of my breasts closest to my armpits… if i push on them (like as close to my chest as possible) they hurt. like a dull ache. There’s no change in colour. And I dont have any acne like bumps on them either. Though according to my menstration calendar I am 15 days in my cycle and I normally go 25-26 days between my period. Could it be an after effect of ovulation?

  59. I am 16 weeks pregnant and had a severe pain on my nipples when the weather is cold and when i drink cold water. Is this normal??

  60. Ok I’m 16 and I have sore breast! I’m scared, that I might be pregnant because I’ve been having srx sex twice already and used a condom. Later my boyfriend told me he didnt knew how to put on a condon correctly until he saw on YouTube how! My period disentangle start until the 5 of Sept but I’m scared because I have cramps and headaches, backaches! I took 2 pregnancy test and they were negative why could be the cause of those symptoms? Help!

  61. My husband are trying to get pregnant. So I think I may be pregnant but I am not sure. It is still a week and a half before my period is supposed to start so it is way to early for me to take a test but what i have been feeling these past two weeks is much different than my normal PMS symptoms. I think I am looking for another opinion.
    Here ae my symptoms:
    1. Breast tenderness all day but become MUCH worse at night, but the nipples area reamins very tender throughout the day (Has never happened before like this)
    2. I just started becoming very tired. I normally am able to work out but lately i have absolutely no energy, I just want to sleep
    3. HOT…for the past two weeks I have been so hot whenever I try to go to sleep…..O an i have never had some much trouble getting to sleep…very irritating.
    4. Having to pee more and starting to get up to pee in the middle of the night
    5. I just started cramping and having lower back pain last night, actually it feels more like a tightnesss rather than cramping. Definately does not feel like period cramps.
    6. GAS..just for the past two weeks I have had to WORST gas only in the evening.
    7. Also I have been pretty hungry lately wanting to eat like every 2-3 hours

  62. Hello,
    Am 26.
    About 6 months ago i started experiencing major pains on my left breast. I did an ultra/sound and the doc says nothing was wrong. He gave me some painkillers- “Relif Plus” and some anti-anxiety tabs- “Alprazolam 0.25MG”. The pain stop for a month or so, but its back now, on my left Nipple. Don’t have any sores or lumps, i check requlary. Am on the pill….could that be the cause?
    Should i be worried?

  63. Hey I’m 16 I have not had sex in a month almost to he did cum inside of me but I took both of the day after pills. But recently I have had serious breast pain and it seems to be right on the nipple but it’s getting to the point where its so sore I wan to cry. Do you have any thing in mind what It could be? And if I should go to the doctor or not? My parents don’t know abOut me almost being pregnant and I don’t want them to find out. Please help

  64. Hi hopefully someone can suggest something to do, I am 4 days late for my period, I don’t have any of my usual signs that I will be getting my period like cramps which I generally usually have but my breast are ridiculously sore, and my nipples, could this be a sign or pregnancy, ny fiance thinks no it wouldn’t happen so early on in a pregnancy but I dunno, especially after reading this article. Should I do a pregnancy test? Or wait and do one later on if my period doesn’t come because its only been 4 days, I have had sore breasts with my period before just not quite like this. Thankyou Kimberly

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  66. hi there my breasts our vary sore seens i had a heat lump on my breast, never my nipple its now gone but its left a mark like a dimple or a stretch mark i get shooting pains all down my side and on my breasts, iam only 22 so i know iam not going frow menopause, its ilke i can’nt move when the shooting pains starts, and now and than my belly swollen up and i have to lumps at the side of my belly never my groin what you can see its like iam 20wks pregnant with two balls at the side of my groin but iam not. what could it be please?

  67. Hi I’m tia an my nipples have been sore for the past few days nd I’ve also been very tired and nauseous and I went 2 the doc and took a urine test and it came back negative. I have irregular periods so missing 2 doesn’t Really bother me because I’ve missed more Ive also had some stomach cramping ..can anybody help me figure outt watzs up??

  68. hi! i am 20 years and i have been experiencing unusual signs. i was on nur-isterate and i stoped two months back. after stopping i had my periods for more than three weeks and after 4 day of stopping it started again for another three weeks. now it does not look like menstruation rather bleeding. i have been experiencing sore breasts, dizziness, constipation and tiredness. i took a preg. test three days ago and it was neg. what shold i do, am i pregnant?

  69. Hi I’m 21 years old i got diagnosed with fibercystic boobs and past month my periods are weird they usually last 4-7 days but last month it lasted 2 1/2 days I was supposed to start aug 15 but ended up starting aug 9 but for about a month my boobs are hurting me thought the cause was from my fibercystic but my right boob feels huge and my nipple is swollen it hurts feels like itching it stays poked out and very uncomfortable and there’s white stuff thats on my nipple like coming out! What could this be please need help?!

  70. Hi my mother is 47 years old and has been experiencing very severe pain to her breasts. The pain is so severe that she can’t even wear clothes on her upper body. She has had breast cancer before but has been in remission for the past 4 years and currently takes medication every day and night for various problems. She has checked her breasts for lumps as well but there hasn’t been sign of any and her right breast is more painful than her left breast. Can anyone please advise me on what she can do to relieve herself from pain?

  71. Hi. I woke up a few days ago to very sensitive breasts. I cant be pregnant as I am on the pill and I am very careful. I am also more tired then usual and quite snappy. I have also taken a test and it was negative. Any advice?

  72. Am 34 & my period have been regular.had my period on 24/7/12 and it was 6 days late becos I saw june period on 23/6/12. After 5 days of my normal flow I spotted that is 1/8/12 and since then my nipples ve beem very sore and lower abd cramps.pls am I pregnant or what could it b.pls reply.

  73. EashappieBitch95

    im 16 yrs., 5.3′ and 115 lbs. i get a lotta exercise, i do what ever to stay fit and for the last month, my nipples have been sore asthough someone has been pulling on them or something. its freaking me out and i dont know what i should do about it. i have a male doctor so its real weird to ask about something like this. does anyone knw why they hurt so much ?? or knw of something i can do to ease the pain ??

  74. This morning when I woke up my left breast was swollen and very painfull…what could be the problem

  75. I have been noticing some soreness around my breasts and nipples when I touch or lay on them for about a week and a half. I was worried I could be pregnant, but I’m on birth control and I have been for about 4 to 5 years. Could I possibly still be pregnant or could it be my birth control making my breasts so sore?

  76. I am 40 and will 41 in less than 2 months. No children to date. My periods in the last couple of years have been all over the charts. Had unprotected sex on June 22nd, i had my June period on the 15th ( and that one was early) because my May period was only on the 27th. To date i havent had a period yet here in July. Only in the last week have my breast been sore/tender and seem full and ive have mild cramping with what seems to be bloating. Anyone else around my age experienced this? Ive always had full tender breasts right before starting but not like this, so i wanted some ideas that maybe im getting ready to start in a few days. Also my mood has been very aggitated, everything seems to get on my nerves lately. Not to mention the sweating that just pops on me, or i’ll feel cold from time to time. Please help!

  77. I am 30, tubes are tied and I have PCOS so I am unable to have any more children. My breasts have been very sore for the past week. I am not really sure what could be causing this or how to relieve the pain. Can anyone help me with advice?

  78. Hi i m 24 years old.upper part of my right breast became tender for 3/4days .today i noticed it got swollen too.what should i do????

  79. Today is 7/19/12 and I had my period on 7/5/12 and finishe on 7/9/12 &my nipples.are very sore and I have been having pain in my lower abdomen, kinda crampy feeling and my period not due for another week or so.. Any suggestions of what this could be?

  80. Hi, I’m in early puberty (I’m between the ages of 11-13 years of age.) Sorry if I’m not supposed to post here, but in my right nipple, it’s been very sore and uncomfortable. I’ve told my mum about it, and she says to massage it, but however gently I do it, or how long I do it for, it won’t stop hurting. It may be hormonal pains or something, but I can feel a lump under my nipple… I’m not sure if it’s cancer and I’m really worried. Can 12 year old girls get breast cancer? :s

    • hi allie, its very very unusal for a girl of your age to have breast cancer. the lump you talk about is probably breast tissue. does it feel like a hard lump the size of a tea bag or the size of a pea? teabag size (or about that size) is completely normal and will be just breast tissue.
      the best advice i can give you is what my mum told me when i was having pain when i was developing. ask mum to buy you a savoy cabbage (the dark green wrinkly one) pull off a few of the outer leaves and stick them in the freezer. once they are frozen (about half an hour) take them out and put them inside your bra. really. i dont know why it works but it helps with the pain. leave it in for about 2 hours. it does smell a bit but oh the relief is instant. if it continues or if the lump you can feel gets bigger or really painful and you get any discharge from your nipple, then you should see a doctor xxxx

  81. I am 42, and have not had a period since I had a partical hystorectomy when I was 26, leaving my ovaries. I have noticed over the last couple of months that my breasts are SORE, feel heavy and hurt like when I breast fed over 20 years ago. It comes and goes. I thought maybe is was weight gain, but I haven’t really gained any weight that (or an amount of weight) that I can think would make this happen. It’s horrible!!! Any advise would be wonderful! Thank you!

  82. Hello, im 20 years old, i have recently gone one the microgynon 30 ED after coming of the injection. for the last couple of days, my nipples have been really sore and constantly erect, even my bra is causing pain, i dont know what i happining atm, can anyone help?

  83. Hi, I had my cycle almost 2weeks ago, ever since my cycle finished my boobs have been really tender, they had subsided a bit for a day but never the less are constantly really sore, occassionally I have felt like I have period pain down below not so much cramping, I have had spouts of light headness and a few headaches, I just would like to know what are my chances of being pregnant. Yes my partner and would love to have a baby. I would love to hear from anyone who can give some advice.

  84. Heyaa!
    im 19, I was on the depo shot for 5 years and switched to the nuva ring (didnt like it) so i got off of it about a month ago. I havent been on birth control since then. Ive also been having unprotected sex. About 2 weeks ago my nipples started hurting really bad, is it possible that im pregnant?

  85. Please someone help me with advice

  86. Im telicia my breast and nipples been hurtin me for the past week , I cant even lay down or wear a bra and they still hurt with my bra off I have never experinced this,my breast n nipples are getting wider ( bigger ) could this mean im pregnant

  87. hello im jade im 16 years old, my nipples have been hurting, and i was due on my period 4 days ago, what should i do?

  88. Hey, my name is Holley I am 31 years old and I have noticed that two to three weeks before I start my period every month that I have severe breast pain. I can’t stand to hug people, I do not want my boyfriend to come near them, my nipples are sore, it hurts to wear a bra, and also if I get in the car and drive and hit a pot hole or simple bumps in the road I want to cry!! I have to sleep with a pillow between them. They are always hot and no I am not pregnant, any feedback would help. I can’t enjoy life with my kids cause I am in so much pain with the engorgement.

  89. Hello, My name is Joy I am 46 years old my period stop a week ago my breast have been tender, sore and hurting this never happen to me before. What should I do?

  90. Hi, I'm 16 years old and have recently become weight recovered from Anorexia. I have had my period 3 times in a row now since I lost it in march of 2011. Ever since I have recovered my period, my nipples and breasts have been extremely sensitive. Is this because of my hormone levels? Should I see a doctor about it?

  91. please help,i'm 28 have very sore breasts they have got bigger in the last month(not pregnant) i came off the pill in jan 2010 my periods came and went as clock work had had no problems until the september were i was almost knock off my feet with such pain in my pelvis/stomach which lasted about 20 min and then came the cramps and my period,after about 4 days on my period stopped which was strange because it was short but carried on.Since then i have not had a period and have seen my nurse and doc and had smer checks as i do every 3 months as they always come back inconclusive.3 years ago i did have a op were i had 5 cysts removed and now go to hosptal every year no one seems no know how too help me,i still feel im about to come on every month but nothing………im going grey with worry.  please please can you help.

  92. Hello,im 34 years old and im having sore nipples and i’ve bought pregnancy test they are i wonder the problem might be

  93. I’m 33, had an endometrial ablation 2 yrs ago, and don’t have a menstrual cycle anymore, but once a month, my breasts get full and tender for about three days. Only recently, it is more common, and lasts for weeks. They feel engorged like when you are breastfeeding and very tender, even to the touch. Also comes every week or so. Just wondering if it is premenstrual.
    Also have a tubal litigation.

  94. Hopefully sore breasts and sore nipples is just a vitamin deficiency???? this would be good for all of us.
    someone out there has to know the answer, seems to be a quite common issue with alot of us ladies of all ages. Come on ladies! tell your findings for relief. bring it!!!!

  95. I Had My Period last month End of may and a week before the end of june i been cramping a week before my period supposed too come on and sore nipples i think imma miss my period i been stressing alot to kind of worried been have irregular period..,

    • I’m having the same issue! I know I ovulated five or six days ago, and yesterday I began lightly spotting. I’m still spotting today, have had mild cramping and tender nipples, especially the right one. This is the second month that this has happened, about five days after ovulation I mildly cramp and spot. My periods are always very regular. I am due to start my next period in eight days. I am 23, having unprotected sex with my husband. Could I be pregnant? Or could I have a serious condition? I have an appointment August 23. It is the soonest they can get me in. Should I be worried?
      Thanks for any help!

  96. Hello Im 16, Years Old And I Am Not A VIrgin And Both Of My Breast Are Very Sore.
    Its Been Like This For A Couple Of Weeks Now
    and I Know Im Not Pregnant, So What May Be The Problem??

  97. Hi,
    I’m 16, please don’t judge, and my boyfriend and I both have been thinking about having um sexual intercourse…anyway we havent done anything yet but I started taking some pregnancy pills and right now im on my period for the 2nd time this month and my breasts have been getting really sore and i don’t know if i should be worried but i feel like i have behind the center and also at the top of both boobs some type of lump-ish thing. Like it’s not a huge noticable thing. My breasts look normal and everything…but still… What do you think?

    • I would get them checked but I started having that problem at 17 both my boobs and nipples were really sore hurt to raise my arms I had lump like on my boobs too got them checked and i have fibercystic boobs it sucks and very painful especially around my period time

  98. Hi people! I need some help I’m turning 16 in August and I got my period in 8th grade and my period for this month just ended…. My left breast has almost a throbbing pain to it and I don’t know why….. before you think I might be pregnant I’m not I am a virgin…. I am just really worried….. Please someone help

  99. I am 39 years old, i had a tubal done 19 years ago. For the past
    Week or so my nipples have become very sore and tender
    And when squeezed a greenish black fluid comes out.
    What is going on with my body? Im scared and don’t know what
    To do.

    • Hi Jackie. This isn’t the kind of thing that other people can help you sort out on a blog. You really, really need to see your doctor and have a complete check up. Expressing greenish black fluid from your nipples is slightly worrying. Don’t rely on guesswork. Pls see your doctor.
      All the best.

  100. hi.i am 4o years old and married.i have a very painful left nipple. it started yesterday, it so painful i cannot even touch it. both breast are not sore. i tried to check for lumps…no lumps so far….are there any remedy for this pain.i an also diabetic and my hormones are not balanced. can i be pregnant even if i am diabetic with this pain that i experiencing?

  101. I have painful breast for about 2 weeks now. It is so strange beacause I am not use to having painful breast even when I am having my menstration. I have done some test and still can’t find what is the cause of this. Any thoughts about this?

  102. I cant handle the pain, I’ve been to the doctor last month for a full checkup and they said their was nothing to worry about. I haven’t got a boyfriend so i’m not pregnant and i don’t really have breasts that are that big so can anyone help here.

  103. Hi I’m 22 years old and I also have pretty irregular periods and never can tell when I am ovulating. Just recently I have been experiencing sore nipples and white stretchy discharge have yet to miss my period for this month, but can never tell when it is coming. Have been sexually active and not using protection with my fiance for the last year but have not gotten positive pregnancy results. Could this be a sign of ovulation or early pregnancy symptoms? Please help me out!

    • The sure tell sign and ovulation is a clear stretchy discharge resembling raw egg-whites. As soon as you see this you are fertile! It lasts for about 4-5 days. It is called cervical mucus. This mucus keep the sperm alive for up to 5 days so the dy you have intercourse may not be the day you actually conceive. You can use this method effectively and not have to use ANY type of b/c. I used it for 10 years and successfully avoided or achieved pregnancy. I read a book all about it. It is called “Your Fertility Signals”. When my husband and I decided it was time for a baby it worked the first time on both attempts. Before I read this book I had just had a miscarriage. I took 3 pregnancy tests and all were negative. I went to the dr. and had a blood test done. I have since had a pt. hysterectomy so I don’t have to worry about b/c anymore. Good Luck.

  104. HI everyone,am 25 years old, ve been having problem with my period for 6month precisely,it so amazing that if i don’t use a pee prescribed by my doctor it wont show up but sometimes comes unexpected but not too i want to have a baby but am not too sure if i will be able to get pregnant.any help will be appreciated thx all.

  105. Hi
    I have been having really a tender nipple recently but only my right one. And my period is five days late, I am 17 can anyone help??


  106. My Boobs Are Aching And There Are Some Roots Around It . And My Arms Are Aching When My Boobs Are Aching Can I Ask What Happened To Me ?

  107. …so im 16 years old, clearly i don’t have boobs have been aching and my nipples have been extremely raw and in pain, i got my period about 2 weeks ago and have been having protected sex so i’m almost positive i’m not pregnant. this pain has been going on for the past week or so..i just can’t figure out what it is..maybe my boobs are growing? i just don’t know why my nipples would be raw. Help?!

    • Even if you’re having protected sex, there’s the possibility that a condom or the pill will fail and the egg could become implanted, thus creating a baby. I would speak with a doctor and get a blood test to be certain.

  108. Hello! Okay, so I need some help with this question. My nipples have been completely sore for about a week now. I am 18 years old. I have been very stressed lately since about a week before my graduation. Not to mention I have been working a lot. I usually take birth control, but when I switched doctors last month, they couldn’t renew my prescription right away, so I ran out. My doctor renewed it for a month, but told me I have to wait until I start my next period again to begin again. I have been on the pill for two years now, so I wonder if it’s not from the lack of birth control. My fiance says it could be from stress, but after reading a little, it says it could be a sign of pregnancy. What do you think? Is there any home remedies I can use to get rid of the pain? Please help! Thank you! (:

  109. iam 57 lately i have been having sore nipple iam not pregnant nor breast feeding i am on hormone medication what is causing this ?

  110. Hi, Im 24 and i have a few symptoms that i am worried about. my breasts have swollen and nipples are super sensitive and lower ab pains and i have irregular periods between 35-37 days and im now currently sitting on 52 days and havent had my period yet. i have lower back ache and constipated and have a constant bloated feeling. can anyone please help?

  111. Hey!
    I have had sore nipples for about a week I just took myself off birthcontrol about two weeks ago can that be the cause of why I am sore? I am very careful and use protection all the time

  112. Hello everyone,
    I noticed that a lot of you have similar symptoms as me. I am not experiencing nauseua but I’m very irritable, peeing a lot, very sore breasts. No period, but that’s not unusual for me. I have went 5 months without a period before. I haven’t been diagnosed with any type of infertility, but my husband and I have tried to concieve for over a year now with no results. I stopped trying a few months back and then this month I get a very painful feeling in my breasts. I was wondering if it’s a possibility that I’m pregnant without the morning sickness. I hope because otherwise I am lost as to why my breast hurt so bad!

  113. My period come & finish but my breast nipples is still tender. Does that mean I’m pregnant

  114. im only 12, both my breasts feel sore and hurt when i touch them, my nipple’s are nearly allways hard and very tender, i choose to wear a padded bra in hope to make them feel more comftable nothing helps.. they have felt like this for a long time now,usually doesnt bother my through the dsy however if im sitting down, runnign, lying down, lying on my side they feel really sore … im so scared incase i have breast cancer or something like that PLEASE can someone help me :'( i would much appreciate it as i have noone to talk to about this …

  115. Hello, I am 27 and I am a professional athlete. 2 weeks ago I notice that my breast on the side near my arm pits started to get really tender and hard. I feel a little lump on the side with my arm pits are and the opposite side of my breast when I press its also tender. It does not hurt when I run or move my arm its just really tender when I press on them. It feels as if its swollen or getting bigger any suggestions on what to do?

  116. Has anyone ever heard of just one breast swelling? I am about a week out from my next due period and usually both breasts or nipples will become sore. However, the last week or so my right breast has increased in size significantly. Each day getting larger and my nipple appears to be rather dry. My left breast has remained its normal size and is tender off and on. The nipple is not very sensitive. Should I be worried? Has anyone ever had this problem? Or a clue on what it could be? Thank you!

    • i would go to the doctor.. it could be cancer. but i could be wrong. hoping for the best. xx

  117. My nipples started to hurt after my period about two weeks ago which is very odd because they normally hurt before my period. It seems like the pain has slowly increase. Does anyone know why?

  118. Hi,
    Im 21, the past week I have had sore breast/nipples. I am a week late, im usually regular and never normally late. Last month I was 4-5 days late getting my period, I did a preg test ad was neg.. but this month im a week late, and breasts are really sore and tender, they are also getting bigger.. I havent taken a test as yet this month but was wondering if anyone else has had this before? A friend of mine said I could be preg but my body could have been rejecting it last month? Is that possible after a neg test?

  119. I am a 24 year old woman who has noticed for the past few months that my breast are often feeling tender and sore….ive checked for lumps and have felt nothing….i thought it might just mean that my menstrual cycle was starting but then i realized that about 3 days after my cycle the soreness began….sometimes its in one breast right under the nipple area….ive taken a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side and it came up negative….the soreness obviously intensifies right before my mentsrual as well….ive found myself even taking B-12 vitamins because of how exhausted I’ve been feeling too….does this ring a bell to anyone?

  120. i do have an irregular menstrual flow,which happens some times.last month i missed my period but ma breast was swollen even up till now as am talking to breast is swollen and painful so also my add to it am experiencing the same pains i do feel when am actually menstruating.but noting is coming out.a friend said i might be pregnant…i don’t know Wat to think.and the weight of my breast increased,its weighty and so painful especially when i take off my bra.pls i need to know Wats wrong with me.

  121. Hi i’m busy with menopause (early menopause started because of shock when son passed in MC accident) 3 weeks ago i saw clear mucus discharge and now for 2 weeks i’m nauseas, tired, sore nipples, cramping, moody and cant stand the sight or smell of mince meat. i’m 39

    Please what do you think?

    • Sounds like the heightened senses that one gets when they’re pregnant, but don’t take my word for it.

    • Sounds like pregnancy to me too. The fact you are 39 means nothing. You are still well within child bearing years. I’m so sorry for your loss. I couldn’t imagine going through that. Take a home test or go to your doctor. I hope you are pregnant..I hope that is okay for me to wish you that. Nothing can take away the pain of losing a child but a new baby would surely keep you so busy you would have less time for it to occupy your mind.

  122. Hiya iv just come of my period bout a week ago n now my breast are tender n sore to touch, like theyv been punched by the heavy weight champ aaahhh help wot could it be.

  123. So Hi im 19 and i got my period april 6th nd a coupke days later was off it. Me nd my Fiance have had unprotected sex april 17-21 and jus a few days ago my brest started hurting nd i have headaches sometimes and i have hot flashes during the daytime nd while im layin down to sleep at night i have 2 fAns on everynight now. My nipples are starting to hurt nd my breast look bigger im tired more lately nd my lower part of my tummy cramps nd hurts nd my ribs hurt as well could i possibly be pregnant.?? Please someone reply

    • Yes, you could definitely be pregnant! Take a home test but don’t rely on it. They are known to have false negatives. I had 3 false negatives. I had a blood test which confirmed my pregnancy.

  124. i’m 23 and i’m on the pill, my nipples havnt been sore before and its bee happening for two weeks. i’ve seen my period last month. could i be pregnant

  125. Hello I’m 21 years of age, and am on the pill, but I tend to screw it up and miss doses .. Either way my breasts have grown almost a full cup size and are very tender to touch. Which I’ve never had a problem with soreness before. This as been occurring over the past 5 weeks. I have had light headedness, but that’s been an ongoing problem so I don’t think it’s too different from normal. I’m suppost to get my period today, not Unusual for it to be a couple Days late. I took a home test 3 days ago first thing in the morning nd it came back negative… Was this too early to ate the test? Should I be worried or do they just grow during your twenties out of no where like this?

    • I don’t think they should grow a full cup size at our age, and pregnancy tests are known to be inaccurate at times or to even give a false negative. The easiest way to know if you’re pregnant is a blood test, I believe. My sister-in-law just gave birth a few days ago and she explained some things to me (her 7th child, so it’s not her first rodeo), and from what you’re saying, it sounds like a pregnancy growth of the breasts. But, don’t take my word for it. Go to a doctor.

  126. Hi I have an irregular cycle… I had a period last month and I am sexually active… I had sex a week ago and. Know my breast are very soar… could I have breast cancer or could I be pregnant.. I was informed that I do not ovulate every month because of my irregular cycle… do anyone may have an idea of what’s going on

  127. Pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Try another or see your doctor.

  128. Avoid salt like the plague. Salt will make your swell and have painful periods.

  129. Hi I’m a 25 and I was on the 3month injection I went off it and on the pill called oregone and went off it bout 9months ago then 2months later got my period then I skip 2months and go my period again that was in december and its april now and I still never got a period again I took test every month but came out negtative now a few days back I felt my nipples is sore and I just now got a pain in my rigth breast it fell like their was a wind inside I use2 get that pain went my daugther use2 drink on my breast and break a wind while drinking but she use too drink it out but she’s off my breast 2years now please I need too know wats wrong wit me thanks reply asap

  130. I am 38yrs I had my gastric bypassa month ago and since I have been going through alot of changes. before the surgey I had just got off my period, after the surgey it returned but much worse heavy,heavy bleeding with clots. Along with my nipples are supper sore. I told my obgyn and he sats its from wiwght lost. But I doesnt feel right.i have avoid sex for seven monthss now. They hurt like hell. Please help.

  131. Hi, I m 29yrs old i have a similar case as Robin…. my breast feel heavy, my nipples tender and generally hurts….its two weeks now since im having these pains…i did a blood pregnancy test and it was Negative….last time i had breast tenderness i assumed this to be PMS but was pregnant i then had a miscarriage….is it too early to detect… im trying to be careful this time please advise….also i do not get my period regularly….

    Please …advise me…

    very Worried

  132. Hi, Im 29, had my tubes tied in 2009… 5weeks late, breast hurts, 3 neg pregnancy test… Night sweats day sweats, just HOT FLASHES, LOL!!! I think I’m going through menopause early, bc no way I can be prego, what do you think?

  133. Hi, i am 15 years old and have been dealing with severe breast pain since i was about 13. The pain is so bad sometimes i can’t lift my arms above my head. Being a virgin rules out pregnancy defiantly. I’ve had an ultra sound but nothing was seen even though i can feel the lumpy tissue and it hurts so much. It feels like the tissue is notes but my doctor said it’s hormonal and i either have to wait it out or have the lumps removed. Neither of those are options i like. Any suggestions?

  134. I am 65 years old this year 2012, i stopped having my periods at 53. Since going through the menopause i have had swollen breasts all the time. Sometimes i get a pain in the left breast and i normally take painkillers which do help. When i used to get my period each month i did get sore breast but that went after the period finished, i now take evening of primrose oil two tablets a day this helps but i was wondering if anyone using this site had any suggestions to help my problem as sometimes i find it uncomfortable and hard to cope with the breast problem. I have regular mammagrams so thats ok no problem there at all.

    • Hi Carol, You are the first person I have found that is my age with the same problem as myself.
      I also am in my early 60’s. I had a hyesterectomy when I was in my 50’s. I am on the patch vivelle dot hormone replacement therepy…all has been good until about 2 weeks ago i have sore hard nipples both breasts..have no clue what it is..I also have regular Mamograms no problem there…Did you ever find out what was causing your soreness? hopefully we can help each other, presently I do not know what to use to relieve soreness, guessing something topical..

    • I have this problem also — I’m 63 and mammogram is normal. I know you wrote your message a long time ago, but let me know if you’ve found any answers. Thanks.

  135. I have had some tenderness in both breast for about 3-4 days to the point even wearing my normal comfortable bra’s is very painful. I have had the right one where it leaks from time to time and the Dr.’s have assured me it is nothing to be alarmed about. My bf has been fixed for 8 yrs so I am not stressed about it being a baby. I had my time of the month around the last week of March so I am not sure that it is from that. I am at a loss as to what is causing it. I have been sick with bronchitis, I was put on pretisone for 1 week and an inhaler and antibiotic and still have the cough. I am a Crohn’s patient and I have never had this problem before and am not sure what could be the cause. If anyone has any ideas or can shed any light on this please it would be of great help.

  136. Hi… I had my iud removed on march 15 and right now i have sore swollen breasts and am having vaginal bleed since yesterday am not sure if its my period because before the paraguard was removed i had bad vaginal bleed and now i dont know how is it going to be i have regular period but because feb was short i lost count my last period was feb. 29 and now im still waiting for my period to come could i be pregnant or its just the side effects of the iud being removed??????

  137. Hi, I’m 20 Years old and my breast are usually pretty sore..But for about the last month in half my breast have been more sore than usual, and my nipples are so sore i cry…They itch sometimes but not alot..I know cancer/breast cancer runs in my family but when I was in 8th grade I had tests done to see if I had any breast cancer and the test came back negative..But my breast have been really sore and I’m the Birth Control called Imponon, could this be cause from my birth control or something more serious? I would really like some information if anyone on here is willing to give me any, and I’m really scared. Thanks alot

    • Even if you had a test in 8th grade, it is a good idea around our age group to get check ups every few years, especially if cancer runs in the family. As soon as you can, I would suggest getting checked out again to rule that out. Don’t mean to scare you, but it is better safe than sorry.

  138. I had a partial hystroectomy in 2003 but my breast still hurt real bad. I feel like i need to wear a bra all the time. Could there be a problem? Do I need to see my doctor?

  139. My name is destiny I am 24 years ol I have a little girl that will be 5. I have tried and tried to get pregnant since she was 3 months and no luck. My boyfriend of 2 years and I have been trying and he don’t think he can have kids. I’m about a week late however I’m abnormal anyways. My breats are always alittle tender before I start but this time they’ve been unbarably painfull swollen hard and I’ve been in tears for almost a week now. Could I be pregnant even though the chances are slim. I’m not cramping or showing any signs of pms at all!

  140. Hi my nipples have been hurting and I’ve been. Having hot flashes n I had sex a week ago n it started this week am I pregnant

  141. My nipples have been sore for the last week and my last period was in January. I had my tubes tied clipped and burned in 95. I’m sure I’m not pregnant but what could be the reason for my nipples being sore and the missed period.

  142. I am 23 years old. I started using the depo shot in November 2010 to help deal with
    my period. My last shot was this past September and my next shot was due in December
    however due to acne being a side affect I decided to get off the shot. Before my last shot
    was due I was having sex however after I stopped the shot I stopped having sex. My
    acne has cleared up however I have yet to have a period, which I was told could
    take up to another year or so, and my breast have been sore/tender for over 3
    months now. I’m very petite however I’ve gained 15 pounds on the shot, noticably in
    the stomach and my friends tease me that I’m pregnant. What could be going on ?!

  143. Ok im 18 years old my period came on jan.27th feb 3rd but march it didnt clne on at all i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative every time but my breast is very sore and ive have been very tried lately headaches as well i went to the doctor gave them a urine sample it was negative as and to this day my period isnt on and i have been getting bad cramps can somebody please help me out.

  144. My 10 year daughter came to me today and showed me how red and swollen one of her nipples were. I made a Dr’s app. for her, but can you tell me what this could be at such a young age? I thought of her hitting puberty but then I wondered why only one nipple is like this…she says it hurts and there is a big difference in size and color. I know something is wrong. What are your thoughts on this diagnosis?? Thanks.

  145. Im 19 and my breasts have been sore for a few weeks they have stretch marks around them , I cant lie on my front or touch them there so tender and my bra irritates them too. Also there is abit of skin pealin off? Is it normal when there growing? I have put on a bit of weight? And my periods are every 2 weeks it has been for the past 6 months.

  146. i am 23 i havent had a period sence jan 2012 but there not regular but for about 2 weeks my nipples have been sore and about 3 days ago my lower stomach has been kinda cramping im not sure if its my period or what but i dont have any kind of cramps b4 i get my cycle or used 2 not anyways i noticed that i go to the bathroom alot more lately but when i take a test it always N so if anyone could kinda give me an idea of what may be going on it would be great……

    • Cramping can happen in early pregnancy when the fertilised egg gets implanted into the inner lining of the uterus OR frequent toilet trips and and a sore stomach can indicate a urinary tract infection.

    • I am just reading this in Oct. Are you pregnant? I doesn’t look like ppl come back here often to check up.

  147. two weeks ago my menstral ended sunday/monday, had unprotected sex on that friday but he didnt ejaculate inside. But the possiblity of some floaters……Now my breasts are very tender. Should i be concerned, of pregnancy, or just soreness for upcoming, in two weeks another menstral? UGH!

  148. I am 16 years old and had protected sex with a condom, me and my bf made sure it didnt break. for about 12 days ive been expirencing enlarged breasts, my period is due in four days and im very worrried im pregnant. ive also been having some bloating and slight cramps

  149. My breasts are tender and my nipples are constantly hard, have been for about a week. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 24 and I am 26 now. My Dr took me off of estrogen about 8 months ago and just put me back on about two weeks ago. They are very painful, I noticed they went down when I had sex a few days ago and the next day they were hard again. What is going on?

  150. Hi! am 30 years and suffer from sore breast and nipples, i was on depo prevera but i stoped and i also have hot flashes it un bearable, since last year August,i went to the Dr he gave me antibiotics i was fine but as soon as they got finished it was back to 1, went for pap smear the Dr told me am fine but i still suffer from hot flashes and these sore nipples and breast, am just frustrated at the moment. KINDLY HELP ME PLEASE

  151. my breast has been hurting about 4 weeks straight i’m not on my PMS and im not pregnant my nipples and the tissue is hurting all around i’m just scared if i got breast cancer i found a lump but its not big …. does that mean i might still have it???

  152. Hi there!
    I am 18 (going on 19) years old.
    Yesterday, after watching a movie, I got up from the couch and suddenly had this TERRIBLE pain in my left breast right under my nipple, I lay on my bed but no position that I lay in would cause me no pain, today I woke up and it is VERY sensitive… I am experiencing NO pain in my right breast though. I am expecting my period, could that be the reason??

  153. hi,
    i have pains in my nipples and i am ovulating presently, i just want to know if the pains could be caused by ovulation

  154. today ii started to get pains in my breast. As sit here and think about any recent syntoms ive had i descovered that lately ben geting lil light headed once in a while and at time to time i get like depresed feel like crying. Im worroed now dont no what s going on. Can someone givee thier point of view on my situation?

  155. I m 45 years old my breast been sore for a long time.My young child is 21years old.I am tryer to be sore all the time

  156. I am turning 55 in August, I had a hysterectomy about 20years ago, my right breast nipple is very sensitive the left one is not so sore – should I be worried?

  157. hi i am 40 years old and due my period in just over a weeks time but for the last week or so my nipples are really sore any ideas what it could be ?

  158. hello doctor,

    I am 38 years old, some time I have pain in my nipples, its became hard, and some I will get pain in right side breast, why I dont know, already I did memogram, result is normal. Doctor told me to drink lots of water, please suggest me.

    Thank you.

  159. part of my nipples are swollen not the entire nipple, but the lower part. what does this mean? Should I worry?

  160. Pauline Clairmont

    Joan (Apr 9 2011)

    I sincerely hope the smooth bump you had on your nipple has vanished. But if it is still there and has changed in appearance, you must urgently see your doctor. Any bump on our body that has changed its appearance with time (color, size, shape) needs to be addressed promptly by a SPECIALIST. If a doctor has told you it is nothing but you feel differently, always follow your gut and pursue the matter further as it could ultimately save your life (experience talking here).

  161. Hi everyone, i’m 22 years old, my breasts have been really sore and tender floor about 4 Weeks now, my period is 2 days late as of now….ooh and i’m also an A cup so I know its not from my breasts being to big….. If anyone has any information or tips please lest me know, painis being unbearable at this point…. Oh, and I haven’t taken a pregnancy test. Thanks!

  162. I am a sexually active 17 year old, that started on the Nuvaring in November. I haven’t noticed swelling, but my 36D breasts are starting to get warm to the touch (From the nipple down mostly [if you drew a line horizontal to my nipples, and went downward until my ribs can be felt]) and they are very tender to the touch. This has been going on for a little over a week I believe. Some movements even hurt them. I am not near my period, and have never had PMS problems before. Yes, I am 100% sure I am not pregnant. My boyfriend and I haven’t seen each other in weeks, and I’ve gone through 2 full, heavy bleeding periods. It is starting to get to the point of some major discomfort, and the heat emanating from them is becoming also uncomfortable. I was wondering if anyone were to tell me what could possibly be going on?

  163. hey 29 here, i am having some really sore nipples for the past 3days, i have had no period for about 2months now, and the strange part is i have had my tubes tied 8yrs ago.. so any ideas what this is or has anyone had any of these symptoms..

    • Hi Daisy,

      I am in the same boat as you only I have had my tubes tied 4 years ago. Same exact symptoms and time frame of period. I do have PCOS which is a main factor in myself not having a period, but I had a pregnancy test yesterday just to be sure and it was negative. Have you found anything out? Are you still experiencing problems?

  164. Got my period 18 days ago n now my nipples hurt too much n wen I press them a milky discharge comes out. My next period is 10 days ahead. Cud I b pregnant? Plz help

  165. I’m 30 yrs old, my left breast and nipple was very itchy for two days, the itching stopped but now both breasts are very sore, the left is more sore than the right. What does this mean??

  166. Im a thin healthy 18 year old girl but my breasts are big but have recently started getting very sore and tender

  167. Im 22 years old and my breasts have been sore for the past few months. Im not pregnant, and my periods are irregular (I get one every three months or so) Im a bit worried about THAT as well, but any advice on why my breasts are so sore?

  168. my bf and i did it about a month ago and how my breasts are really really sore. i am notoriously late and i dont think i am pregnant, help?

  169. Hi m 21 yrs old.. I hab a breast pain bfor bt nowdays it usaly occurs n it pains alot plz try to solve my prblm cos m worried hop its not a symtoms of breast cancer

    • I am 48 yrs old and I have had breast cancer. I had alot of your symptoms before I was diagnosed. They found it quite by accident
      with me. In the hospital with Pneumonia and the tech found it while
      he was doing a CT Scan. My advice to you. Go to your primary Dr.
      and ask for a referral to a Gyno. It would not hurt to get checked. All
      it would take would be a little time out of your schedule but you would
      have the comfort and ease of knowing that you are ok. Good Luck.
      Let me know what results from this. Take Care.

  170. Hey, im 14 and my breasts havr been tender for about a month or 2. I’m a C34 and at first I thought they were just growing but they have hardly grown and that was 2 weeks after the tenderness started and it hasnt gone away. Im not preg ’cause i’ve never done it. I just want to know why the tenderness wont stop

  171. Am 23yrs, I did not see my period last month 20th so I did pregnancy test that showed postive,I wennnt on 22nd to do D.C after that I have not seen period and my breast is bigger and my nipples aare paining me. Is it possible that am still pregnant?

  172. FYI: lack of iodine can cause some breast tenderness. You can take a 24 hour urine test.
    After two days on iodine all the cysts and pain in my breast were gone.

  173. Hi, I have started noticing the last few weeks my breasts are really tender. I can’t touch them, just my bra hurts them sometimes.. I have recently come of the cerezette pill and have not had a period since (but wasn’t having them whilst I was on the pill). I’ve taken a test 2 weeks ago but was negative. But since then breasts hurting more, started to feel sick and felt really sleepy. Which is very unusual for me. Please help me πŸ™‚

  174. 8 weeks pregnant symptoms

    Our health is very important thing to consider, most women are having breast problems, it is very useful and helpful to read a post that could give answers to breast related syndrome.

  175. Hi, I’m 24yrs old. Well, I have been off of my period for all most 2 weeks today. Im also on birth control.. (nuvaring) could this be a side effect to my sore nipples or could I be pregnant? Please help. Thanks

  176. I am 39 have very painful breasts and nipples for about 2mths now. I do not get a menstrual cycle and havent for about 16yrs now. should I seek medical help

  177. I am 25 and my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex since September 2011. My period is very very regular. Every 30 days , no exception.

    Normally , I spot for a few days before my period. At least 3-4 days before my period, I spot a little bit every day and than I get my period.

    Now, my period is due in 2 days and my breasts are really sore. I just put my hand on them and apply a bit of pressure, and they hurt. They are super sensitive and almost feel swollen.

    I am not on any medication and I don’t have huge huge breasts. I wear 36C and they just hurt a lot. My right breast starting hurting two days ago or so, but now it’s both and it hurts. And I don’t know if I am pregnant, because my period isn’t here yet. Any ideas ?

  178. i have really sore breasts and they are tender. They are growing, if i do not wear a bra for bed they ache when i get up and i can no longer jog, run or even lie on my belly this has been going on for a couple of weeks now i am 19 and i dont know why this has happened i have taken four pregnancy tests and it aint that can anyone help me?

  179. ROBIN,
    Come to Canada. We have free healthcare πŸ™‚

  180. Hi my name is sandy I’ve been having some pain I’m my nipples I worry cuz they say
    I can be going thru mps ;;; well I have my tubes cut I know
    I’m not preg but I’m worry of this pain can u explian this
    Symptoms , pls thanks

  181. i had sore breast and nipple.. i had clip tube… which it is that cause??? i just had that for 6 days now…

  182. Hi,Im having nipple pains for 5days straight. And Im so worried that I might have breast cancer. BTW Im only 23yrs,old. and I have a lump that is painless right after I gave birth to my son. Nipple pains started when I stopped taking my pills. Should I be worried? pls help. thx!

  183. Hi, um. my nipples are really sore and the bottom of my breasts are really tender. I also feel really bloated. I was worried I was pregnant so I took a pregnancy test and they both came back negative. I am also on birth control (implanon) and haven’t had sex since July 1st. Should I consider the possibility of pregnancy or rule it as hormonal changes?

  184. hi,I’m 22. about 3 wks ago I took the morning after pill and then 3 days after that I started spotting a light pink to brownish colour. that lasted 3 to 4 days. I have sore tender breasts constant. whether im moving or jst still and my nipples have become darker and my boyfriend and I have noticed my breasts have grown just last night. What might this be?

  185. Hi, I am 33 years old and for the past two-three days I have been having pain in my left breast, the pain is off to the side of the nipple and seems to go about half way @ the nipple. I am on my perior and about three days into this months cycle. I am not experiencing any pain anywhere else except in this spot, it is very painful to touch esp when laying flat on my back. I do not have large breast actually quit small (A-cup) to be exact and have never had pain like this before. I am a mother of 3 very small children and I need to know if I should be concerned. I made an appointment with my doctor but it’s for a couple of weeks, Please any help before then would be greatly appreciated.

  186. HI all,
    I’m 16 years old and both my breasts are extremely sore. I don’t have normal periods and I’m not pregant (impossible unless it’s like a jesus baby since I’m a virgin). I did not have my period in August but and they became sore to any type of brushing, to much movement and there to the point where I can’t wear a bra. The main pain area is around the nipple and goes out from there. I don’t have regular periods so I really need help. I live with my dad and he doesn’t get it. Any help would be great

  187. Hi, I’m 18 years old.. 2-3 days after my menstruation my nipples became painful when pressed. I’ve been experiencing boob pain when I was 16 (which is I think normal especially after the period). Yesterday it was still ok but now i feel like it’s burning .. i can feel that it’s hard when i press it and it feels better when I massage it. I have already experienced it last February and i’m worried because my right nipple may be next(just like before).. I can also feel the pain when I take a bath..I think it’s a little the same when my boob gets painful before or after having my period but I can’t take it because my nipples doesn’t feel good. It looks ok outside just a little big. i’m sure that I’m not pregnant (still virgin and single) . I’m regular. Is it because of my bra? or because i just had my monthly period? pls. help .. I don’t really like to go to the hospital because i don’t want to get naked / show my boob.

  188. Hi ladies. Have been having swollen breast for over a month now. Not pregos due to tubes tied an no sex in five months. Not sure what is going on. they are hot an swollen my left nipple hurts to even touch.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

  189. I’m 24 years old. About a year ago i had tumor in my right breast, well they removed it and everything got better it wasn’t cancer. Now its so sore and it feels like the lump is coming back it hurts so bad, even for my bra to touch it. I had insurance last year but i had to drop it because im a single mom and i need all of my paycheck to make ends meet. This time around it has hurt so much worse than last time i just dont know what to do!!

  190. Hey, i’m 16 and my nipples have recently become tender and sore. I have experienced it in the past but not the frequently. I am in a long term relationship and I do have sex but I am on the contraceptive pill and I am safe when I have sex. Im just wondering if i could get any advice? Its not my breasts that are sore just my nipples but my breasts do feel slightly bigger. could they just be growing? Im due my 7 day break from the pill in about a week so im due a bleed then, so it could be pms? just a bit worried as i dont really experience tender nipples that often. I’d appreciate any help you can give me πŸ™‚ thanks.

  191. Last night my one sopt on my left breast started to hurt a little now it is pretty tender and seems like the tissue under the skin is swollen..Any ideas what this could be…

  192. i was just wondering i have been on my period for more than two weeks now. I have the sore breast and everything just like it is a normal cycle. The only thing that is scaring my is why am I still on my cycle and i normally only go seven days . Can anybody help me with this? iam 41 years old.

  193. i was just wondering i have been on my period for more than two weeks now. I have the sore breast and everything just like it is a normal cycle. The only thing that is scaring my is why am I still on my cycle and i normally only go seven days . Can anybody help me with this?

  194. Hi my name is Heather.I’m 27 my breast have been sore for about a little over a month now. Usually I no its time for my cycle to come on. But now its the same kinda feeling when I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I took a test and it was negative. So I’m like what steps do I need to take now, because this is very unusual for my breast to be hurting this long..any suggestion?

  195. Hi i have been having problems with my nipples and my breasts. my nipples are hard and my breasts are very sore. I have 1 child who is 5 i have had ovarian cancer and i have had 5 miscarriages. my last one was 2 years ago after all that i had the 5 year iud put in so i know im not pregnant. I am very big chested and breast cancer runs very high in my family (both sides) could any of this be symptoms?

  196. Hi
    My breasts have been sore for like the past 2 weeks and im supposed to get my period in a few days but this has never happened to me before. Im worried that i could be pregnant >.<

  197. Hi I’m new to this.
    I’m 16, my breast have been sore lately, not to the extreme but enough to make me wonder what’s wrong with me. I am on birth control, some people say that may be the cause. I’m really not sure. I don’t think I’m pregnant I had my period a week early then when it should’ve came on. I would love some info or input on what I should do? Or if this is a big risk or not?

  198. hi i m a 49 year old and my breast have been very sore for the last few weeks there to tender to touch so i cant examine them. I bled last septemer for 3 months and then stopped i never got a period again unltl last week so i thought that why my boobs were sore but that has stopped and my boobs are still very sore and idea

  199. Good day my ladies all of you who have tender breast i was in the same situation for 3 months, i did 5 pregnancy tests and they all came out negative consultant a gynecologist for further advise he advised me that i had an in-hormonal in-balance and he prescribed that i should take PROVERA tablets for 10 days and then take FERTOMID for 5 days for ovulation to take place please consult don’t take this easily it maybe too late.

    Thank you.

  200. hi there,Im 21 yrs old, had my period though it was late than usual, my breasts are sore had a hpt twice and it called for negative .what can be the possible reason for such a terrible pain .IT IS PAINFUL I TELL YOU .PLIZ HELP ME OUT.REALLY WORRIED CANT BEAR THE PAIN .I have no one else to tell each time i tell my bf he gets pissed off tell me what do i do.Each time i tell him he tells me that we must have sex so that the pain will go away .Can that be possible because we touch and kiss so he is suggesting that maybe the hormones are in an imbalance state therefore i must have sex so as to help them stabilize .WILL THIS HELP ME OUT COZ M IN SERIOUS PAIN .PLEASE HELP!!!

    • sex don’t help when my breast hurt they are hurting rite now so bad i cant touch them ur boyfriend sounds insecure and insensitive to ur concerns

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  202. hi im 16 yrs old, and i have this sore nipples for like 3 months, first it was the left breast,but now both, but the right nipples is just going to start. Im virgin, and I dont know what to do. I went to my pedia, 3 wks ago and gave me 2 ointment, but it didnt work. What shall i do?

  203. I have been experiencing some pain in my my left breast and I’m sitting here thinking, “Is it what I think it is?” but I’m only 19 and I’m still worrying as to why my breast keep hurting πŸ™

  204. Uhm if you can’t afford to go to the doctor…. You probably shouldn’t be having a child! That’s why our economy is in the shit hole right now bc ppl are dumb and don’t know how to be smart!

  205. Howdie Ladies, I have an awful time of itchy breast and I cant find any one that has had that. Iam 49 and becoming part of this club. I would apreciate any advice . thanks

    • I’ve had itchy breasts a lot this winter. Figured it was just dry skin. I’m 54 yrs old, haven’t had a period in a few months, and for the first time my nipples hurt. I guess, after reading the article, it must be hormonal or imbalanced oils. I don’t really know, and I don’t really want to add hormones, since I took the saliva test not too long ago and was balanced. I might do another hormone test again if this persists, but if I have to use hormones, I will only use bio-identical ones.

  206. Hello my name is Rena. My breast have been sore for the past month or so.. I have took a pregnancy test three times and they have all came on negative. Meanwhile, I due not have regular periods. I have not had a cycle since November 2010. However, I have been to the doctor and had them take a blood test in January of this year which came back negative as well. I have been trying to conceive for a long time now, but I don’t see that happening without a period. Yet I still don’t know why my breast are hurting. Any clues???

  207. i am only 12 and my left boob and bottom abdomen hurst i havent had my periond yet but maybe its just symptoms any tips anyone

  208. I have a lilttle pimple or looks like one. It did have a little scab on it and it came off once in the shower.Now it seems smooth but still there and is a little darker red then the rest of the nipple. Any clue what this might be?

  209. I just turned 56. For last few days I am experiencing very sore and oversensitive nipples. As the other lady said they (nipples) feel like if freezing, very irritated. I can barely wear my bra, never mind any touching. I don’t have period about a year now (that’ only beauty off getting old πŸ™‚
    I used to have sensitive breast around my period but never like this. If this persist it will make me worry even though I don’t have any changes in the color, no discharge or so….
    being big, size 22, 42G in bra, doesn’t help I guess. Anyone else with same symptoms going through the menopause?

  210. Hi, I’m 38, my right breast is painful underneath the nipple area, there’s no leakage or lumps and i am due my period in the next 7-10 days and do normally get tender and heavy breasts about this time but i am concerned that i have this pain in the right one only…. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  211. Hello, I’m 48 and already had a hysterectomy at 37 still have ovaries. My breasts are always sore and have chest pains. What could be causing this?

  212. i just had sex with my bf for the frist time an now my nipple is red but not the other one is it nourmal

  213. I have been having a painful left breast. I took melantonin for sleep( and within no time) my breast pain started.. that was in 1996 it is now 2011.. I have bouts of it for weeks at a time… It is very, very painful.. been to Doctors who cannot figure out why.. Sometimes it radiates down my arm pit and my left back.. It hurts so bad.. Castor oil cold packs , iodine, water pills, massage, shower spray on my breast helps temporarily. I go to bed with an ice pack or a heating pad.. Sometimes it helps.. I take perocet and it dulls the pain but does not stop my pain, my breast feels feverish.. nothing helps.. If you find any literature by Kerry Mc Ginn she gives several suggestions.. I wrote to her and she sent me tips to help..( The above ones I wrote.) .. We still write each other on holidays etc.. If anyone has any suggestions I would so appreciate it Thanks so much, Janet.

  214. I am 30 and for the past week i have been walking around with my nipples hard and sore. have my tubes tied so i’m not pregnant. trying to figure out what is going on can you help?

  215. I am 56 yrs. old and have been thru menopause for more than an year now. When I did have a period I would experience painful breasts and nipples. That has been over with for a long time. There is about coupleof weeks now my nipples and breast are so sore I can not even wear a bra comfortably, as the nipples are very tender.
    I hesitate to go to the doctor if it is nothing to worry about.
    any suggestions or input that might help me?

  216. I am now 2 months late !! I have taken 4 pregnancy test and negative results. So I went to the hospital. They did another urine test and blood test negative. And they also did an ultrasound.. and nothing. But I am extremely late, nausous and my breast are sore. Could I be pregnant?? I dont know what to do!!! please someone give me advice here!!

  217. Hi, I’m 16, my breat and nipples are sore and have been this way for few months now. Im sure as heck not pregnant (virgin), not on birth control, I don’t get periods regularly (it is proven that you don’t have to have a period every month so I’m not worried) should I just go see a doctor?

  218. hi my boobs have been sore for as long as i can remember, its worse when they get bumped or my soon to be is i guess u can say playing with them. i talked to my mom about this and she is extremely worried. should i be this worried? what should i do to help this?

  219. im 17 and i have a problem my nipples really hurt but it only happens after my period and it doesnt happen that often but when it does it last for a couple days i asked my doctor and she said i have oversized ducts im my boobs but is that a good reason or is she just loopy…

  220. I Had Protected Sex On The 8 Of August And Had A Regular Period Starting On August The 19 , Since then I have not had a period and it’s November 2nd but my period is never regular it comes whenever it wants sometimes i go a long time without it , my nipples are slightly sensitive when I touch them and I have a little bit of stomach pain 5 Negative pregnancy tests , Help Please

  221. hey.. i dont know why my breast getting so hurt and so heavy after i having sex with my boyfriend during my PMS. I think i might be pregnant… but they can’t be that quick because just after the day i had sex to to the day my breast got painful only 3 days… i am so worry at the moment … can you please help me to tell me what is the cause ?

  222. I have had severe pain in my left breast for 7 months. It started as a burning pain in my upper breast. My breast then went numb over night and feeling only returned after several weeks. My breast then suddenly swelled overnight and became itchy with burning shooting pains. I had sever pain in my lymph area near my clavical and under my arm. Some symptoms have subsided but I’m left with an constant extremely painful breast and under arm(lying on my right side with my arm up is unbearable and feels like the breast and lymph area are being torn from my body. It is also extremely painful to the touch). My breast is also much bigger than the other one. I have gone up 2 cup sizes (d to e) but it keeps getting bigger and I’m bursting out of this now. The pain and swelling are not related to my cycle but things do get even worse near my period. Tests – mammogram & Ultrasound did not show anything but an MRI showed swelling/fluid. I’m at the end of my tether and am being told by doctors that I just have to live with it and ‘some women just get pain’!. It is affecting every aspect of my life – physical and emotional. Whilst they have ruled out Inflamatory Breast Cancer I can’t help feeling something isn’t right and is being missed. Please please help

  223. hi …I am 37 weeks preggers and I’m 23 years of age ….my breast is blue but I feel no pain …what could be the cause?

  224. hi, im a 24 years old woman. lately i’ve been suffering from sore breasts.. they r sore all the time not just before my period in a while but actually about the whole month! they pain gets worse when i just take off my bra! i am not pregnent! and i dont know what is causing this pain

  225. Hi everyone,

    I need a little help. I had my period on July 24th it was heavy the 24th and 25th but on the 26th there was barley anything there. I usually have my period for 7 days so this was a little bit of a shock to me. Now my husband and I have been having unprotected sex. I have been feeling sick yet never getting sick. My breasts are sore most of the time. I do get headaches once in awhile. I had felt a little off lately I’m not really sure what’s going on. I took 2 home pregnancy tests and they both were negative. Can someone please help me?

  226. Hormones are usually the main reason for sensitive breast tissue. The hormones may be spiking because you are sexually active, ovulating, fluid retention (which may be the result of dehydration or inflammation), drinking too much coffee or eating too much chocolate (caffeine), too much sugar, or too much dairy (especially milk products from cows injected with hormones), eating chicken injected with hormones, etc. The best thing to do would be to change the diet immediately and apply some simple remedies to eliminate the pain. Warm and cold compresses with Epsom salts, taking extra magnesium (suggest a product called “Natural Calm”), vit B complex, reduce stress (take 15-20 minutes to be by yourself), drink more water, eat more vegetables and less meat and dairy products. Eat anti-inflammatory foods such as cayenne, cherries, pineapple, cinnamon, turmeric, etc. And learn how to de-congest your breast tissue through massage. It is simple and effective. It is always best to ensure there are no infections and that you are not pregnant. See your doctor and if all is clear, then clean up the body. Good luck!

  227. I am 43 years old. I have soreness on my nipples and sometimes hurt.I do not have any discharge,but hurt to the touch.

  228. i am 41 had hystrectomy at 33 leaving overies in the resent monthes i have started having tender nipples my dr. suggested i stop taking the ogen or replacement harmons no wit is not as often but still there any suggestions

  229. Hello,
    I am 19 years old and both of my breasts have been sore and tender for about three weeks now, I figured it was my period but I had my period the week before I started experiencing the soreness. I am 100% positive that I am not pregnant. However, about two months ago I had an average sized lump removed from my right breast everything went well and the lump came out benign. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the tenderness but just every time I touch my breasts they really hurt. So if anyone can help that would be great!

  230. I’ve been having a lot of hormonal problems recently. some few months ago, i did not get my period for like 3 months, 3 negative preg tests and ultra sound and after treatment got the period which lasted for 3 weeks. Now, i have serious nipples and breast pain. I dont know the cause, maybe its the beginning of menopause, i’ll like to know. I am 35 yrs old and still trying to conceive. I need some help before i go completely mad.

  231. hi there of always have had atchy nipples leading up to my periods and after it aswell, i also take the pill and have done since i was 17 to keep them regealer i am now 30, this is the first time of ever had sore nipples and tender boobs which is weird for me, i am currently in a relationship could my hormons be causing my soreness i dont think of gain weight i am trying to loss some, and started taking deit pills that my doctor give me, drinking heaps and also peeing more than my normally, also have sore shoulders and neck, can you help!!!!

  232. Hi, I have redness around one of my nipples. It doesn’t hurt, it’s not itchy or painful. Thats the only symptom. It as faded from bright red to lighter red, almost pink. Is there cause for concern, or is it something i shouldn’t be so worried about? I am a 55 year old lady going through menopause. Any help would be appreciated.


  234. Hi I am 48 and I have had painful and swollen breasts, nipples for almost 3 weeks now. I can relate to the women who are around my age. I am not sure about premenopasal, I have not been tested yet, but I have not had a period in almost 2 years. So I am suffering day in and day out with my breast. I wake up in the morning and cant even get out of bed they hurt so bad, they also feel like they have a fever too. What can I do?

  235. hello everyone,
    I am wondering if anyone can help me.

    When I brush my hand over my breast my nipples really hurt and I get nip on. My boyfriend cant even touch then and i don’t know why they hurt. Somtimes they look dark and sometimes they don’t so i am a bit confused

    Help please!

  236. Hello! My nipples are sore for almost half the month all the time. Sometimes it is worse than others. I don’t have regular periods, maybe 3 a year if I’m lucky, and I have taken pregnancy tests in the past. When I went to my ob/gyn she couldn’t find a reason for the irregular periods after many many tests. She said I was fine. Any suggestions?

  237. so i started spotting on april 16 2010, same time i was supposed to start my period, and took two pregnancy tests and they were negative! i always have a normal period and when i spotted i never cramped. its now may 16 and my nipples have been sooo sore all week! my back hurts and with certain foods it makes me nauseas! i would love for my husband and i to be pregnant but i don’t want to give my hopes up! i miscarried a year ago and i am so terrified of going through that again! i really want some feedback on this so someone can give me some advice!

  238. hi, my nipples have been tender for the last two weeks. i have had regular periods, but i have gained 5 pounds in the last month. i dont have any unsual food cravings, and i am not fatigue. anyone have any answers?

  239. hi, for the past week or so my nipples have been really tender i dont think im pregnant i had my cycle regularly. i have gained about 5 pounds in the last months but my apptite has been normal. anyone have any answers?

  240. I’m 20 yrs old. my last perid was heavy the first day, normal the second day, spotted the next two days, and then it was done. i was really dizzy and nasueated the whole week. i was suppose to start my period this past week but i still aint started. i’ve been really tired and kinda moody this week. could i be pregnant? or is it something else? please help.

  241. I am 28 years old and had a tubal ligation in 2007. The only time i have ever had sore swollen breast is the 2 times I was pregnant. And it was like that before I even missed my period. I knew with both of them that I was pregnant because of this. Now i am approximately 5 days from when my cycle is supposed to start but my breasts have been sore and swollen for the last 4 days. What are the odds of me being pregnant? Can I take a test now? How accurate are the dollar store test?

    • hi…your story is just like mine! i had a tubal in 2003 after my third child. i knew with each of them i was pregnant because of my breasts being incredibly sore. four years ago i was diagnosed with endometriosis and during surgery it was discovered that one of the clips used during my tubal had come off and was just floating inside of me. they told me there was no chance of my ever getting pregnant again. now my last period was 2 weeks late (never ever happened before) and for the past month my breasts are so sore. tonight in the bath i was washing my boob and a jet of milky liquid shot out. both sides are equally sore but not my nipples. now im only 35 but my mum and my grandmother both went through the menopause in their early to mid thirties so im wondering if thats what is happening to me. i have an appointment made but its not for 4 weeks yet and the pain is just too much you know. even the old faithful cabbage leaves in the bra isnt working. the pain is literally reducing me to tears, i cant stand to wear anything against my skin.
      as for the dollar store tests, they are pretty reliable, all three of mine were done with 1 dollar tests xxxx

  242. i had sore breasts and it lasted for 4-5 days and i thought i m pregnant but thn my periods came and i t stopped.i checked it thrugh test but the test was do i go for blood there ant possibility tht i can be pregnant?

  243. I am 52 years old and I have the sore and tender breast it feels like when I used to breast feed my daughters the pain hurts from the nipples down to my feet, there are days when I just want them anymoretell my husband everyday about the pain that I am having he has no clue they even feel like I have a fever in them.

    Please help what can I do????

  244. Brisaida Vazquez


    Im having sharp pains on one of my nipples with any kind of movement and touch, My breast is not hurting just the nipple. There is also swelling. Short of looks like a lump and it just seems to get worst. Its been going on for about a week now. What could it be? Is is really something I should be concern about?

  245. I am 48 yrs of age. I have recently been suffering from extremely tender/sore nipples. There is no discharge and I recently had a mamogram that came through negative. I did have surgery a few years ago for breast cysts (all were clear). I have relatively small breast – 34b and have not had any consistant signs or symptons of menopause. Any ideas???

  246. I’ve had sore breasts for 8 weeks now i’ve had my normal monthy period .and done pregnancy tests which came up negitive. do you have any ideas why my breasts are sore and tender

  247. I too, have found out that I had a molar pregnancy (there was no fetus, only tissue that if left too long or grows too large can act as a cancer or invasive mole, which can then spread to the lungs) . This was in June of 2009. My levels were higher than those for most cases. I was refered to oncologists. Well, after lots of worrying, my levels returned to normal. Now I am just waiting for my required pregnancy-free year to be up before trying again. 3 1/2 months… now all of a sudden I am having sore breasts and nipples. I am wondering if this is normal, or cause for more concern. Any answers are greatly appreciated.

  248. i keep a constant headache, cramps, swollen feet as well as anckles, i eat everything til im not hungry anymore whichlike NEVER and i have gained so much weight &my crohns have seemed to be worse for the past months.. could i be preg?

  249. ok so i am 17 years young i have crohns disease. my breast have been so sore that it hurts to walk up &down stairs or even walking period. i also have had my period for 4 weeks almost but i take seasonique so i shouldnt have it for another month or so.. i am very confussed &scared to say somthing to my mom who i have been arguing for months now.. its hard i dont know if its stress, pregnancy or even misscarriage i honestly think i just had one because of bleeding &major cramping i just dont know whar to do because i dont have health insurance as well for they keep turing me down! &im just very worride because i have teken a preg test even 5 weeks after me and my bf had sex but its always neg. &i have the symptoms just not throwing up because it hurts so i try not because of crohns &other illnesses.. what shall i do?

  250. Oh.. I also did try birth control because thats what my gyno said would help with the severe PMS. And honesty… it didnt do shit, it just made it worse. My boobs got bigger, and I gained weight, and broke out. When I went off it after 3 months, all these things went away in about 3 days.

  251. Hi everyone, I am 21 years old and suffer from sore and swollen boobs for a full week before getting my period. They get so sore that its hard to walk without them hurting. Even my shirts will hurt my nipples they are so sore and sensitive. In the past I have found that the best way to treat it is a really pure and healthy diet. Try sticking to organic, wholesome, and pure foods, and stay away from dairy, sugar, and processed foods. This is SO hard for me because my favorite thing to do is eat icecream and sweets. But when I do stick to this healthy lifestyle, the pain and tenderness is like night and day. My boobs almost hardly hurt. I also gain like 10 pounds from water retention in about a week. ITS INSANE! From what Iv learned, theres nothing to be worried about, its all natural, its just up to you to control it. I used to get worried about being pregnant, and my period is VERY irregular so I was always unsure as to when I was going to get it. I started tracking my periods by recording the days I got it on my phone. I wouldnt jump to the pregnant conclusion solely based on these symptoms. Especially if theyre happening BEFORE your expected period. Pregnancy symptoms dont start until 2 weeks AFTER your expected period. Goodluck! hope this helps πŸ™‚

  252. I have had the most horrible pain in my right nipple for the past two weeks. I also feel pain in my right armpit. I haven’t noticed any discharge by feel like my nipple is stuck to my bra. This pain seems to be centered in the right nipple and underarm. The left nipple nothing. Is this something I should be concerned about?
    I had a procedure called Novasure done about 6 or 7 years ago….no periods since……

  253. Hi, I am 20 years old and woke up last night in horrible pain in my left boob, I have been cramping tho! I dont think I am pregnant because I have the IUD, is there anything I should be worried about?

  254. I am 55 yrs. old and have been thru menopause for about a year now. When I did have a period I would experience painful breasts and nipples. That has been over with for a long time. There is about a week now my nipples are so sore I can not even wear a bra comfortably, as the nipples are very tender.
    I hesitate to go to the doctor if it is nothing to worry about.
    any suggestions or input that might help me?

  255. Hi, I’m 26 was on mini pill for 9 months, which stopped my periods completely, come off it about 8-10 weeks ago, had a very very light period about 2 weeks ago, before that I started with very, very sore, tender and itchy breasts, at first I thought it was because i hadn’t had period for so long, however, they hven’t stopped being sore. I feel like crying most of the time, they are so sore. I have vomitted a few times, and don’t seem to manage to drink alcohol without feeling very sick. I sometimes have a metal taste in my mouth too. I did test before last period but was negative, but have heard you can stil have periods whilst pregnant. Could I be pregnant? If not what else could be causing such sore breasts?

  256. Hi. I’m 18 years old and i am having severe tenderness in my nipples. I know im not pregnant, I’m on birth control and my period doesnt start for a couple of weeks. I have no idea what could be the cause. It could be that there is too much water in the breast tissue, but my breasts have been tender for a few months now. I researched online and Paget’s Disease came up. I have never heard of it before this. What are the chances that I have this Disease or another form of Breast Cancer?

  257. I’m a 42 yeaer old woman. I have been through a mamogram and was found with a lunp in my left breast. I had a biopsy done to determine if the lump was cancerous and thank GOD it wasn’t. The doctor said I do have a small tumor. Does this mean that I can have breast cancer in the future?

  258. Hi there. I am 29 years old, i have everything that makes a woman sterile. For example i suffer from endomitriosis, Fibroma 7cm on my womb and cysts on ovaries. I have a 30 day cycle and i am always on time. My last period was on the 16th of December. I have sore breasts and feel very edgy. Is there any explanation? Usually i get it just before my period.
    Please help!

  259. Hi to Vdawn and Di,
    I too am 46 and for the last 3 to 4 weeks my breasts have been so sore as well as my nipples. i too have had some stickiness to my bra. I did go to to the doc when I could not move my upper half of my body beauase it was so painful. My doc gave me 800 mg of motrin that seemed to help ease some pain but they are still painful.
    they actually fill odd. like cold i use a heating pad over them to sleep. She told me if i get the feeling they are going to be very sore to take the motrin. They almost feel like when I was nursing and had inguagment. I could not move then either. Is that how you fell too? Do you take any natural supplements to help? Just curious.

  260. I think i may be having some sort of hormonal surges…here are my concerns:

    Postmenopausal X 1 year. Now having painful nipples only. Prolapsed uterus is not right now…after being that way for almost 3 years. I am thinking hormonal surges?? I should know if that can happen but I don’t! Any thoughts would be appreciated. And yes I am going to see a doctor after the holidays. I take no HRT.

  261. Im a 21 year old woman,me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a child I had an ectopic pregnancy 13 months ago and now I think Im pregnant because i bin nauseous for about 2 months, unussual periods bloating then later have my period,I have gained weight been moody get swollen feetconstipated,bloated,cramping and now sore breasts but then again I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative.My mother found out about me 7 months into her pregnancy im scared of the same thing happening to me.HELP!

  262. Vdawn and Di…
    You both need to see a doctor. Redness, changes in shape and discharge are serious and you shouldn’t ignore them. Please see a doctor and change doctors if they seem to blow it off.

  263. I’m a 48 yr old woman, I started the slippery road to the menopause at 44-45. My left breast is hot, painful. The nipple is extremely tender, the surrounding brown area is oval, more so than the right side, the skin is crumpled. I had a mamogram a couple of years ago because both breasts were tender, they said I just suffered with tender breasts. The side of my left breast and side of left rib area is painful. I have no discharge. My nipple is red at the end of it. I have examined myself but it is very painful to do so… what should I do next?

  264. hi i am 17 years old, and i have been experiencing very sore nipples for almost a week, i dont have sex, so any idea in what it may be other than premenstraul pain, so i can get it checked out just in case?

  265. Hi. I am 25 years old and for the past week and a half, my breasts have been overly sore. I don’t think that I could be pregnant though. I also do have very large breasts. What could the other possibilities be? Thanks!

  266. question–I am 54 years old and have been on HRT for 4+ years without any problems. Had a normal mammogram 4 months ago. My nipples have been chronically sore for a few months now and today I had enough discharge from the right one which is also the most sore to make it stick to my bra. I am small breasted and wear well fitted bras (38B). It has me worried. II don’t want to hit the panic button but wonder if any of you have any ideas.

  267. Hi everyone!

    Am 21 years old. I learned in Feb. I was Preg. but at 6 weeks I had ultrasound and there was no baby. So I had a d&c and soon after. I have had a complete molar pregnancy in april 2009. Now am negative but have to wait 6 months to l year to try to have kids. However I have sore breasts for about week. I took a preg. test it was negative. I had my per. in August but still have not had it in sept. Dont know whats going on with my body this month? Does anyone have advise for my husband and I. Please

    • You may be experiencing another molar,but I doubt it. Get back to the obgyn so they can do an ultrasound. The good news I want to tell you is my friend had one and now has 4 kids,so it is possible. God Bless you with a healthy pregnancy.

  268. hi, nancy could you be pregnant?

    i to am suffering have had painful boobs for at least the last to weeks, periods are all over the place but i have endometriosis so that doesnt help. theyve never been this sore before though, i lie on my front at night and cant as it really hurts, why is this? any advice helpful thanks x

  269. what can i use to ease breast pain after having a baby?

    • Hi Linda
      There is something that really works cabbage leafs ..they aleave lots of the pain ..believe me it works it’s an old house remedy that has been used in my family..good luck

    • It’s not water retention unless you have it all over, like the ankles and such. If it’s just the breast then the pain is coming from the lymph nodes.

  270. Hi in my situation I’m 24years old and for the last two months my breast have grown three sizes bigger and in last month I got what I thought was my per a week early I spotted for two days and the third day I bled only during sex and about an hour later it stopped. Its now been a month later and still no period my breast hurt bad and my nipples are so tender that I cry. I’ve actually lost twelve pounds by eating healthy and I’ve had cramps on. And off for two months now eventhough I haven’t had a per. I have been craving a certain food: beans with strawberries and coolwhip on top. I’ve always had a regular period . Can anybody that may have gone through this or may have a comment on what they think is going on? I’ve also had frequent urination and fatigue but I also have asthma so I’m not even sure this applies I have also taken two hpt and both came out neg.

    • Sounds like you’re pregnant. My suggestion take a home pregnancy test.

    • I myself went through this was craving food n lost weight only when I went 2 da doctor did I found out I was indeed pregnant but my 3months old baby was dead

  271. Hie, I`ve been having pains on my breast every morning but I tested negative some three days ago I thought I was pregnant.What do I do m worried

  272. mel (mom of 5)

    Hormones and being premenstral can cause sore and tender breasts. The weight gain can also be a contributing factor if the gain is related to water retention which could swell your breasts. If it is a pregnancy, and you can not afford testing, you can buy very cheap pregnancy tests at your local dollar store or as I have done in the past, I had a pregnangy test at my local family planning clinic which offered free or low cost pregnancy testing depending on your income. The plus side was even though I was not pregnant. They gave me an exam and birth control for free. Not everyone is aware that there are services available if you are not insured . I know when I was younger, it was a big help!!!

  273. Hi Robin. I know you must be really worried right now but your best bet is to give yourself a break. Most pregnancy tests can’t detect a pregnancy that early. Wait to see if your period comes first of all. If it does then the breast tenderness and bloating should subside. If you don’t see your period when it’s due, wait for about a week and repeat the pregnancy test again.
    You may just be having a severe episode of PMS.
    All the best.

  274. My breasts have been sore all over, especially my nipples ,for the past two weeks. My boyfriend and I were scared that I may be pregnant, so i took a test. It was negative, however, my period is still four days away and my breasts seem to be getting bigger and hurt worse everyday. I have gained 9 pounds in the last two weeks and feel very exhausted for no reason. Should I take another pregnancy test? I know that some women still have their period during pregnancy. How common is that? I do not have health insurance right now so going to the doctor is out of the question. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Shalena hastings

      Hi can go to the health department and its no
      charge and them taking blood work is the best option
      BC with urine test it doesn’t always show up I know cause
      I’ve had to have it done too me!! Good luck:)

  275. hello ladys what i am about to tell you may sound very strange but in my family we suffer from “BIG” boobs,my mother has given me some helpful information on how to help ease the pain of sore breasts and nipples please dont think im going crazy because i am not and this really does work…go to your local supermarket and buy a savoy cabbage break 2 leaves off and rinse them under clean cold water pat them dry then place them inside your bra and i can honestly say this will help ease your pain within 5 mins…once your finished with them wash them again and place them in a sandwich bag and pop them back in the fridge…. oh and you can also use them in bed and out and about i know its very strange but nothing else can ease the feeling that your boobs have gone 100 rounds with mike tyson…good luck i look forward to hearing how this went.

    • lol. interestingly enough I actually have done this. and yes it does wonders. granted I was not doing it just for everyday use I had just had a baby and I was trying to get rid of the milk. it relieved the pressure and all of the build up milk in a matter of a half hour. after doing that for about two -three days, I didn’t need to worry about sore, enlarged full breasts any more. it’s intriguing that it works just for regular soreness. I’ll have to try it:) Thanks!

    • I am going to have to try this…my breast and nipple have been so sore for about 3 weeks now which is why I stumbled on this site.

  276. hi just weeks ago my breast start to be sore and about 2 days ago my nipple start being very tender i get shortness of breath my chest be hurting and when i wake up in the morning my stomach feel sore. what do u think whats going on

  277. hi i have a question. I have been on the depo shot for 5 years on and off. I was due for my updated shot on july11 i have been too busy to make time for it but it’sbeen a month now. I haven’t had my period. My boyfriend and i have alot of unprotected sex,and we wouldn’t mind a baby at the moment but would prefer to find out. My nipples are really sore, i’ve has changes in my appetite, and i can’t fit in my clothes like i did, i’ve been getting these huge migranes on top of it, and i get upset over alot of things to the point where i cry. But the thing i can’t figure out is thati’ve taken three pregancy tests at home and they all say negative. What does anyone say tothat? Please help me out. thanks.

    • Hi Brandie, I been on the shot for 2 years I got off 6 months ago and still haven’t had a period. I’m still looking for answers but all the sites are saying it could be UP to a year that I don’t get one and that I can’t conceive :(. but everyone is different so I don’t know if you are or not but let me know! Good luck!

    • you can go 9-12 months with out having a period and chances of not being able to get pregnant for that entire time as well when you get off depo. I was on for 2 years and it took me 10 months to get a period.

    • hi, I have been on the depo shot for 2 yrs i havet had a period scent i been on the shot now scent im off the depo shot i still havet had one now i be off the depo shot for 2 month now my breast are really sore they are getting bigger they are swolled i have had moodswing headace i get mad for no reason i dont know if im pregant are not someone help plz thanks?

  278. my breasts and nipples have been sore for 3 weeks now. i had my period the first week of july. normal. they are so tender, i have to wear two bras without underwire for comfort. there is no nipple discharge or color change. it seems this year, my pre menstrual symptoms have worsen, and now it seems to even linger after my periods. i have no health insurance at this time. please help, thank you

  279. I am 54 and thought I was in menopause. I didn’t have a period for almost 9 months, had a light one and haven’t had another one now for almost 6 months. All of a sudden my breasts got really tender and have been that way for almost over a month. It feels just like I used to when I was having regular periods.
    Just wondering if anyone has had that before. It seems a little late to be going thru that again, but even my OBGYN said I might have another period. Any thougths? Thanks for any help.

    • did you ever find out what it was? i am going thru the same thing now! i’m 50…thinking that i might be pregnant??

  280. hiya my breast have been really sore since a week before a was due on the there still hurting me now and am due on any day could this be a sign of preganacy my bf had cum inside of me few weeks back i am on the birth control buh i missed a couple and tuk the later than usaul could anybody help me would like to no ??

  281. HI i,am 38 years old my nipples be hurting me alot i know iam not pregnant.this been going on for a long time,ever time i ready to come on,they get sore.then i be in a bad mood.i rub then. i try a diffrent bra.thank you.

  282. Hello, I just turned 30 and have noticed that the past 2 months that my breast have been very sore and tender. I have never had the problem of them getting sore before my cycle, of which I am still having like normal. They are also getting bigger. Is it possible that they could just be growing at my age? I have also taken 2 preg test, from the advice of some family members. Both have came out negative. What is going on?

    • You could still be pregnant. I didn’t get a positive result for both my children until the end of the first trimester. It may also be that your body is changing yet again at 30, I know mine did πŸ™‚

    • Really Jen ?? Is that possible ?? I am 2 months late for my period and I have taken 2 pregnancy tests 1 home and 1 at the doctors and I also had a blood test done when I was 30 days late. My doctor says it’s stress but I’m not stressed out. I started getting sore breasts today but no cramping to indicate I am starting my period.

  283. i’m 22 and i feel my breasts are a bit sensitive and sore since 2 days.i had some sexual intercourse acitivties 2 weeks ago(though only anal) then i had my normal period 1 day there any chance i might be pregnant?or is this breast soreness is a sign of another period coming earlier than its supposed to be due to a disease or something else?should i take a pregnancy test?thank you

    • This is a very judgemental response to a girl wanting to get some information and help.

      Please refrain from responding if you are not going to give constructive help.

    • EWWW!! No you can’t get pregnant with anal sex!! and again EWWW!!!

    • Plz like u never experimentEd with anal sex!

    • LMFAO…!…no honey. Oh God no, there’s no way you could get pregnant having anal sex. There would be nowhere for the semen to travel to fertilize the egg. Perhaps you should do more research on your body before you choose to engage in sexual activity of any kind.

    • Actually you can get pregnant from anal sex. Sperm specifically female sperm can live for several days after ejaculation and actually can travel up the vaginal walls even if not inserted into the vagina. Laugh all you want but your the one that was not paying attention in 6th grade sex ed moron

    • No Amy you’re the moron! What you said doesn’t even make sense. Please tell me where you saw that information. That’s not what I learned through out school and college. And I majored in health science.

    • If semen was smeared on, or in any other way introduced to the vaginal area during or after the anal sex, she COULD become pregnant. I’m sure she doesn’t think she got pregnant in her butt – but yes she actually could have gotten pregnant by mere presence of sperm close enough to have reached her vagina.
      Why all the hate, jeeeza.

    • lol yeah, no such thing as female sperm. we have eggs lol

    • Uh…there are male and female sperm. Female sperm are slower swimmer but stronger..they can live up to 5 days in the cervical mucus while you are fertile. Male sperm are faster swimmers however are not as strong. The gender reference was correct. It is the gender of the sperm that determines the gender of the fetus.

    • You are referring to XX chromosomes and XY chromosomes which decide the sex. No such thing as female sperm???????????

    • Sperm carry chromosomes which are either x or y. I’m sure you know which is which. Lisalyn was referring to sperm that carry the female chromosomes. I don’t understand why people have to be so judgmental. Perhaps it’s that keyboard courage?

    • Actually you can get pregnant through anal sex….its even possible for a women to get pregnant (although very rare) for a man just ejaculating on a woman’s leg. Sperm are very determined beings. So perhaps Haids you should do more research on sex education. To Melory….you can never be too safe. Take a pregnancy couldn’t hurt. But if it makes you feel any better, I’d say its probably just due to your hormones.

  284. I lost my baby in Aug 07 I was 41 weeks. I now have irregular (60 days) cycles but my nipples are sore all the time before during and after each period. I have had blood test but I have been told that they are all fine. I just don’t know what to do as they hurt all the time!!

    • I also have the same problem. Ever since my miscarage 2 yrs ago, I have 60 day cycles and my breasts hurt worse than they ever did. My left one especially. This time though the soreness has lasted almost 6 wks so not sure what is going on.

  285. I’m 42 and I finished my period 10 days ago and my breasts and nipples are extremely sore. It hurts to put on a bra and is worse if I wear a t-shirt without a bra. I am only an A cup so I know the problem isn’t that I’m too big. I started having cramps about four days ago and am on the pill so I’m sure I’m not pregnant. I get sore from time to time but never like this. Any ideas?

  286. As we say in medicine “Never say never.” Nothing is impossible. I hate trying to play God so I can’t really speculate as to whether you’re pregnant or not. There’s no point punishing yourself. The sooner you find out if you’re pregnant or not, the better.

  287. Hello, I am 29 years old and have not had a period in about 12 years. I have had many tests done at various Drs but with every one my diagnosis has been anything from lack of hormones to menopause. I’ve been told I can get pregnant by some and that i can’t by another. My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for quite some time. About 4 days ago I started having some slight discomfort in my lower abs and just yesterday my nipples started feeling extreamly sore. I’ve also been gettin lightheaded from time to time. I’m afraid to take pregnancy test due to being let down so many times in the past. What do you think my chances are that I could be pregnant?

    • yes, the last time I had sore nipples I found out I was pregnant.

    • Had problems for years with irregular periods but got pregnant one time never using protection against. I had headache quiet often with many of them being migraine. When I was in my late 60s my Dr had me get an MRI that revealed I had a tumor on my pituitary gland that was causing my problem. My prolactin was elevated way beyond Norman. The Dr said if he could take me back thirty years I would not have a period or conceive a child. I had a hysterectomy when I was 32. I stopped having a period at the age of 25 with the exception of a light one at age 28.
      Hope this information helps you.

  288. Hi Michelle. Wow, you seem to be having a tough time. It’s a little too early to know if you’re pregnant, but it is unlikely, though not impossible. Tying of the tubes has been known to fail. That said, you really need to see your doctor for a check up. Difficult to be sure what’s going on without an examination.

    • I just turned 40 in April and I had my tubes tied almost 18 yrs ago,starting yesterday I’ve noticed just my nipples are very sore, not my breast at all just the nipples, I am going through Perimenopause my doctor told me, I have noticed since last month which was April that I’m an emotional wreck, getting teary eyes and now I’m getting strange bubble burps something like acid refulx, my question is, is this all from Perimenopause if so OMG I HATE IT””my doctor is away on vacation so I can’t ask him, I need some feedbacks, thanks for your time.

  289. hi
    i have had a breast scan and i donot have cancer,but i have sists many of them.i had claped my tubes 6yrs ago.Now my nipples are vey sore,i feel off colour and my back is so last period was 20/12/07,they have been sore for about 2wks and my breast every morning feel like someone had punched them,i craved icecream 2day.i was consturpated for 3days,could i be pregnant or what is wrong pls help.


    • Hi, I’m havin the same problem . I had my tubes claped 9 yrs.ago . I hav clear and a yellowish discharge come from my breast . Did u ever find out what ur problem was ? If so reply as soon possible . Thanks alot !!

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