How to relieve Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms

Yoga for PMS

Increased stress levels have been found to worsen PMS symptoms in some women. Any form of meditation and relaxation usually reduces symptoms of PMS by relieving stress.

Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation carried out by a chiropractor in the week before menstruation may relieve PMS symptoms.

Light therapy for PMS-related depression

Light therapy (phototherapy) uses a bright florescent light to treat conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Women with SAD are more likely to have depression associated with PMS so light therapy may help to relieve PMS-related depression. You should not use light therapy if:

  1. you are taking drugs for vitiligo
  2. you are taking drugs for psoriasis
  3. you are using certain antipsychotic drugs (used to treat mental disorders)
  4. you are using certain antibiotics

Side effects include:

  1. headache
  2. eyestrain
  3. irritability

Stay awake to relieve PMS symptoms

Staying awake may help to relieve menopause symptoms. Some people believe that sleeping only 4 hours in one night and then making up for it by having a good night’s rest the next night may help to correct abnormal sleeping and waking patterns which may worsen PMS.


  1. My left nipples has been hurting since last month, not both nipples. I’m trying to figure out what could be the cause of the pain. It’s real tender.. help

  2. How can i be pregnant after 1yr 4 months of miscarriage with different symptom every months thinking am pregnant but not advice me am 32 year

  3. Well anonymous tipper…keep your bias opinions to yourself, its people like you who keep this world depressing…and could you sound more childish by saying like this, like that and like….seriously grow up, Terri’s living her life by looking forward to a better future…and Terri I hope things work out for you

  4. My nipples r sore In the bottom of my stomach hurts some time I craves some food I sleep all-day, some days I snap

  5. Terri maybe it’s like a sign that like you shouldn’t be like having so many like children. This planet is like overpopulated. Like. TWO IS ENOUGH!

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  7. Hi. I’m 33, and for the past 3 months my periods have been on like an 18 day cycle. My husband and I are trying to conceive but no luck. The harder we try the more out of whack my system gets. I have two children already with no complications. The weird thing this month with my cycle is I started on the 8th of January, and if I had a 28 day cycle like before than it wasn’t due until the 18th. I felt like I was ovulating the entire 10 days before starting and the symptoms haven’t ceased since day one of my period and it’s day 4. Day one I barely bled, it looked like implantation bleeding. Day two was fairly light. Day three and presently day four is really heavy and clotty but I haven’t had the cramps nor do I have the pressure I normally feel in my vagina when standing. I still have swollen breast, and serious bloat. I even have crying spells and my emotions are out of whack. Should I worry about cervical cancer or early menopause???? I had a pap recently and it’s normal, like every year. Any advise would be appreciated. My doctor tries putting me on BC but I don’t like BC and most importantly we’re trying to have a baby. Thank you for any insight.

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