Are there estrogen alternatives for bladder irritation?

overactive bladder, incontinence

Bladder irritation is one of the common symptoms associated with menopause. However, you may find it hard to complain about urinary (and vaginal) symptoms out of embarrassment. Unfortunately, many doctors will not ask you about them. Bladder Overview The urinary bladder is an elastic, muscular sac which holds the urine…

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Can progesterone cream cause hair loss?


Hair loss is a common symptom associated with the post-menopausal years. It comes in various forms: hair becomes thinner and lighter coupled with difficulty in styling, alopecia where the hair actually comes out from the roots leaving bald patches and male pattern baldness where hair is lost at the temples…

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Having a hysterectomy? 5 side effects of having your ovaries removed

Here are some reasons why you may keep your ovaries if you’re having a hysterectomy. About 6000 hysterectomies are performed in the U.S every year and about half or these are accompanied by removal of apparently normal ovaries. The reasoning behind this is that it reduces the occurrence of ovarian…

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Natural hormone creams improve menopause symptoms – More proof

natural progesterone cream, PMS, estrogen dominance

Cream progesterone vs oral – which is better? Progesterone cream can be applied to the skin to relieve many symptoms associated with menopause. It is absorbed into the fat under the skin from where it goes straight into the blood stream from where it circulates to the rest of the…

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