Menopause – Vaginal Soreness, Dryness and Irritation – Causes and treatments/ solutions

vaginal dryness, vaginal moistureVaginal dryness, irritation, redness and soreness are common symptoms of menopause which affect different women to varying degrees.
During and after menopause, estrogen levels continue to fall gradually until they stabilize at a new lower level. This means that vaginal dryness is usually not experienced until several years after menopause. The vaginal tissue depends on estrogen to keep them moist and healthy.

What happens when there’s no estrogen?

  • the vaginal lining (mucosa) becomes thin and easily injured leading to soreness and burning
  • the mucus glands which help with lubrication decrease in number leading to slow and poor lubrication when you are sexually excited leading to vaginal dryness
  • there is reduction in vaginal blood supply and the vagina shrinks (this is called vaginal atrophy). This causes small wounds which occur during intercourse to heal very slowly because of poor supply of nutrients from the blood leading to vaginal soreness during and after intercourse
  • the vagina becomes less acidic so you become more prone to bacterial and yeast infections
  • the vulva (the area surrounding the entrance to the vagina) is usually involved in these changes and may become thin, dry and cracked. There may also be redness and irritation.

vaginal dryness, sexual problems, sexual frustrationThe result – having sex becomes a nightmare! Your partner may not understand what you’re going through unless you tell him. It will cause less of a strain on your relationship if you explain that that your reluctance to have intercourse is not his fault but because of the vaginal dryness you’re having. So, does this mean you have to give up intercourse? Definitely not! There are various strategies you can use to improve vaginal moisture and lubrication and reduce the discomfort of intercourse.

How to improve vaginal moisture and lubrication

“Use it or lose it!”

– As with many other things in life this also applies to your vagina. Having vaginal intercourse once or twice a week will help your vagina stay moist and healthy and reduce the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. You will also lubricate faster when you’re aroused.
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Use a bioidentical, natural estrogen cream

This has a direct effect on the tissues of the vulva and vagina and restores moisture over several weeks. It may take up to 4 weeks for you to notice any improvement in vaginal moisture. If you are applying a bioidentical progesterone cream or progesterone/estrogen combination cream to your skin, you may also notice an improvement in vaginal symptoms.


  1. My husband doesn’t care if I hurt or bleed or have any problems in fact the discomfort turns him on more. He also hates lubricants and I can attest that they give less friction and he takes even longer causing even more pain. I am 50 on birth control and my doctor wont give me estrogen cream as I am on the pill and don’t need. I am now getting cracked nipples and all of my skin tears, cut and bruises all of the time

    • You do not have to put up with a brute of a man like that, I know how painful it is and he needs to be shown the door!

    • I totally agree with you. My now ex said he was going to take the rise out of me during the change as much as he could. He is now in the past by over a decade and he missed his chance by over a decade. Those types are totally ignorant and we are not here for their personal amusement. No one should tolerate such a person.

  2. thank you for the info.I just started using vitamin e capules.burns a little.Im also on bioidenical estridiol cream,this burns more, but is helping with atrophy and moisture.I have also been using extra virgin coconut oil, this helps alot! been using this for a week now.Im hoping it wont cause a bactreial infection, because it really soothes my dry irritation.

  3. I do not like to take any prescription medication but I was so distressed post-menopause that I decided to try vagifem tabs. The loss of estrogen and the uncomfortable symptoms made me feel less than human!

    The vagifem tabs worked and you don’t have to use them every day.

    A vitamin E supplement every day has brought further improvement.

  4. Hi Christy. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I`m so thrilled that I`ve been able to help. Take care and thanks again.

  5. Thanks for the info. Its more than I have gotten from 3 doctors. After being on prempro for 5 years, 5 months ago, I went to the lowest dose. I have had nothing but problems for the last 2 months. Frequent urination, with neg. urine test for uti. I have been using progest for 3 weeks, I wasnt aware that I could use that on the vulva area. It is very irritated and burns when I urinate. Thanks again.

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